Visual Merchandising for Makers

Visual Merchandising for Makers


Posted 2015-10-24 by Sinniefollow

Tue 17 Nov 2015

Put Your Heart Into It is a sustainable company, looking for eco-friendly ways to bring beauty into your life. They host a variety of 'eco-gatherings' with delicious platters of cheese and fruits that would get even the most unmovitated, unenvironmental individual raring for a chance to prove their worth.

I was recently lucky enough to attend their 'Visual Merchandising for Makers' event and this gathering is a must for anyone starting a business or one that currently owns a business.

With a glass of wine, or water with a bamboo straw in hand, we began the nights proceedings. While our host applied the finishing touches to her set up, we were invited to relax and enjoy the serenity outside on the deck.

Big Bang Studios (where Put Your Heart Into It is based) borders on a large area of Australian bush with huge wicker chairs and masses of succulents on the deck. We were offered a range of sweets to begin, along with our wine, and met other creatives and artisans alike.

The evening commenced with Laura (our host and co-owner of Put Your Heart Into It) describing the creation of her business and their ethics. She welcomed us to Big Bang Studios and had a table laden with organic produce that tickled our tastebuds. The studio itself is full of beautiful examples of nature, with dried leaves, flower bunches, birch wood cuts, terrariums and more.

We started with introductions and I found myself surrounded by individuals who I could draw inspiration and motivation from, including Laura. Throughout the night, with breaks for excellent homemade or organic nibbles, we were taught by Laura (who has years of experience with some big names and sustainable companies) how to present our market stalls and shop fronts to make them enticing to buyers.

Broken up methodically, the evening consisted of discussing design principles and their application within our own businesses. Relatively new to the market stall 'scene', I found this part of the night extremely beneficial.

Laura was full of excellent advice and broached each topic from an angle that could apply to each creative there. All ideas were written down on recycled paper, ingeniously sourced by Laura.

The most enjoyable part of the event (apart from the delicious table of goodies) was when the time came for each individual to create a table set up, using our own products and props from around the studio. Creative and constructive feedback from both Laura and the other creatives - while seeing their own creations - really broadened my ideas and opened a realm of possibilities in handmade work.

The advice and creative education is one I will use for many years to come. The studio and the event were truly a place where art and nature are appreciated and co-exist so perfectly.

Find them on Facebook and at the website: for 'mindful events and workshops that inspire'.

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