Violent Night - Film Review

Violent Night - Film Review


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Halfway through his Christmas Eve rounds, Santa has a brandy and falls asleep at the home of a wealthy family. He later wakes to find that the house has been invaded by a gang of violent thieves. Trudy, the little girl of the house, is on Santa's nice list, so he promises to help rescue her family.

John Legizamo as Scrooge, threatening to crack some nuts.

Violent Night (2022) is a Christmas themed action-comedy, directed by the Norwegian director Tommy Wirkola (director of Dead Snow and The Trip). It is an action filled, entertaining movie, with many nods to Die Hard and Home Alone. It stars David Harbour (from Stranger Things and Hellboy as the tough, world weary, Santa. John Leguizamo (from The Menu and John Wick) is Scrooge, the ringleader who plans to steal $300 million from Gertrude (Beverly D'Angelo, from American History X), the wealthy matriarch of the family. André Eriksen (from The Trip and Mayhem is Gingerbread, one of Scrooge's minions, who pursues the resourceful Trudy through the house.

David Harbour as Santa.

I enjoyed the action scenes, which show off some good fight choreography, as well as the dark humour. Even the soundtrack, featuring dramatic instrumental versions of classic Christmas songs, was fun. By the way, if you're playing Whamageddon , this movie does not feature Wham's holiday hit Last Christmas, making it safe to watch during the month of December.

As the title suggests, there is a fair bit of violence in this movie, roughly what you would see in your average action film, so bear that in mind before choosing it for a family Christmas movie night.

Apparently there is a sequel to Violent Night in the works, but in the meantime, if you enjoy Christmas stories that are a little on the dark side, you should check out the 2015 horror comedy Krampus , or the Danish TV series Elves

Violent Night is an entertaining seasonal action-comedy, great for when you want something Christmassy to watch that isn't either a romance or for children. It is currently streaming on Netflix.


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