Villa Manin Garden

Villa Manin Garden


Posted 2015-03-27 by Marta Pinfollow
Spring has arrived here in Europe, and Sundays are now an excuse to go out and enjoy a bit of sun and fresh air. Last week though, after a rainy morning, as soon as the bad weather ended, I rushed to Villa Manin in Codroipo to visit the garden and the floral exhibition it had been held in it. Mire was everywhere but the venue revealed itself magical and mysterious as usual. I was impressed by the stalls showing gardens ornaments, plants and flowers, but I could not resist to walking around and take pictures of the whole surroundings. I already said Villa Manin is a place of art exhibition and meetings, and at the back of it a wide garden opens to the countryside. This was a market-exhibition: people could buy any kind of seeds, flowers and garden decorative elements.

What it made the day amusing was the opportunity to take a horse ride in a chariot. I did not go for it, I let families do that. Strolling around I encountered those horses and people several times, while looking at the statues around. Yes, because the garden hosts bunches of statues in every side and corner.

To be honest, those architectural works of art are in need of maintenance, but, as long it is still possible, they maintain their charm unchanged. They all refer to the Arcadia and Ancient Times eras, highlighting the mythological and philosophical topics that were so precious to the wealthy and aristocrats dynasties. These statues are simply there, placed in lines, but they seem talking to each other for some unexplained reason; maybe they are designed to stage a sort of silent conversation.

There are spots here and there where you'll be able to see pink or white daisies too. The flora is amazing within the area: palms, centennial trees and trimmed luxuriant bushes give the place a hint of magic. You'll feel as you are in Alice's tale, it is not something taken for granted, but I'll explain it ahead.

The closest side towards the countryside was, once, the boulevard of the orange groves. Now, you can outline it with your imagination, but this piece of orchard keeps a hundred per cent of the past appeal. To use a modern term, this location could be reconsidered as a shabby-chic corner. Surely, the brick walls, the round gate, the green trees and the stone vases beautifully carved help the entire concept exists.

A small balustrade looks at the countryside's avenue, as well as the guardians put at the top of the lateral pillars.

We can feel ourselves more and more 'Alice' as we explore the wonderland's hidden in the grass. For example, your sight could be caught by a dynamic scene of a marble chariot pulled by horses camouflaged behind the vegetation. Or, you can hike the hill toward the small temple and have a rest there, looking at the modern garden features (a contemporary marble flower, an anchor or other designs). Another option would be sitting and reading a book in front of the crystal-clear pond enclosed in those golden flowers and high rushes. As you can note, the pavement was muddy and soaked, but I assure all the day was worth it.

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