The View Rotating Restaurant at Movenpick Hotel and Residences

The View Rotating Restaurant at Movenpick Hotel and Residences


Posted 2021-07-27 by Dee Mbuguafollow
They say love makes the world go round and two weeks ago, I experienced this reality first hand at The View Rotating Restaurant at Mövenpick Hotel in Westlands.

What drink gives 'celebration' more than a cocktail? I'm yet to find one.

Two weeks ago on my birthday, my partner took me out to dinner to celebrate. We started the night with cocktails for me and beers for him. We were sat by the glass walls of the restaurant, which provided optimum views of Westlands and its surrounds as we slowly rotated and lost our bearing. And by we, I mean me.

To start, we enjoyed a warm bread bun with dips and I still need a certain mystery solved: I need to know what sorcery results in one bun having white bread, wholemeal, spinach, beetroot and sweet bread... the true definition of all in one. It was super delicious to the point where I completely forgot about my love affair with butter on bread. If you want my loyalty, give me warm, fresh bread with butter and we're in business.

I had been craving seafood for a while before that day, so I stopped scrolling on the menu when I saw the Trilogy of Seafood.

My main and only qualm with this meal is that it was too committed to fine dining in terms of portion size. I could have easily demolished three times that serving, but I remain steady in my part-time commitment to acting like a lady who is accustomed to ant-like food portions.

My partner had the lamb shank, which I am pleased to report was not as great as my meal, because food envy is real over here.

We enjoyed looking up from our food and discovering we were floating above a different part of Westlands, and it was nice to experience this with my partner because it was not my first time at The View, but it was his.

Their dessert menu was not inspiring me to negate my gains (read losses) so I had initially decided not to order any dessert, but when my partner insisted we share a dessert, I needed no further convincing to satisfy my acute FOMO, and settled on the tiramisu.

When I spotted a sparkler in the corner of my eye a few minutes later, I understood why my partner had insisted on dessert.

Whether or not the dessert tasted sweeter due to the sweet gesture, I will never know. All I know is that I thoroughly enjoyed it even though we were both too stuffed at that point to finish it.

I'd recommend The View for a romantic date night, celebratory dinner with friends or family, or a 'treat yo-self' girls' night out.

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