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Posted 2012-08-09 by Mama To Twofollow
Buying fruit and veggies straight from the grower is just about as fresh as it gets these days.

And the popularity of farmers markets is due to just that:

It's fresh No wondering how long it took your veg to make it to the grocer, it's come straight from the farm.

Know the grower - An opportunity to ask questions about what you're going to eat, and to meet the people who grew your food.

It's local- You're supporting your local community (the growers in your area). It's also local because the farmers are bringing the food to you - no travelling to the farm.

An experience- A farmer's market is a community affair, and you can make it a family one too. Expect loads of people, just like you, who want to buy fresh and know where their food has come from. It's a fun experience for kids to help select your fruit and veg, and let them ask any questions they have of the growers too.

To find a farmer's market near you, you can head to the Victoria Farmer's Market Association website to search by date and place.

You can read more about these Victorian Farmer's Markets here:
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Melbourne Showground Farmers Market
Monash Farmers Market
Mulgrave Farmers Market
Pakenham Farmers Market
Preston Farmers Market
Talbot Farmers Market
Williamstown Farmers Market
Yarra Valley Farmers Market

But sometimes it's not possible to get to your local destination, and now there's an option to buy farm fresh online.

Farmhouse Direct (an initiative developed by Australia Port and supported by the Victorian Farmer's Market Association) is one way to buy direct from the grower (ordering online) and know where your food has travelled from. It's a happy-medium if you're wanting farm fresh, and the convenience of online shopping too.

Tips for making it about the kids:
- If you're heading to a farmer's market, let the kids help pick the fruit and vegetables you're after and talk to them about what's in season.
- Let your kids ask any questions of the growers about the fruit and vegetables they've chosen.
- If you're buying online, talk to your kids about what's in season and let them make a list of what's in season and what's not.
- Select the items to buy online together.

Know any other ways to buy farm fresh online? Let us know in the comments section below.

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