Cascade Gardens - Victoria Point

Cascade Gardens - Victoria Point


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The leafy, expansive parklands at Cascade Gardens in Victoria Point provide facilities for families of all ages. This is particularly the case since the completion of a new sun smart playground in 2019.

This brightly coloured, shaded, playground is set conveniently close to the car park and public amenities block. Parents are able to relax here as their children play, thanks to the playground area being fully fenced. Seating and a picnic table is available within the fenced area. The playground itself includes a large climbing frame with a slide, monkey bars, a double swing set, and a variety of balance and strength-building playground structures.

Immediately outside the fenced playground are more picnic tables and an electric BBQ. These are well-spaced so that families are able to continue social distancing while they relax. Drinking water is available in this area of the park.

The parklands at Cascade Gardens have been designed around large, shady lawns that are perfect for a number of ball games to be played simultaneously. The trees around these parklands are known koala trees, so it is well worth keeping an eye out for them.

Adjacent to the playground is a skate park, and just beyond that is a gravel bike track with a number of jumps and berms. This thoughtful design means that families with children of a variety of ages are able to enjoy the parklands together.

Cascade Gardens is crisscrossed with paved cycle and pedestrian paths. Following the one closest to the playground, over a little bridge, takes visitors to the parklands' namesake - a variety of cascades, waterfalls, and little creeks.

Cascade Gardens has long been a favourite birthday party destination for locals. There are two large shade structures, one of which has seating installed, set amongst the cascades and bridges. Since it is not possible to book BBQs or picnic tables within the Redlands City Council area, visitors who are planning an event are advised to arrive early if there is a particular spot they would like to use. Visitors should book an area of the parklands if their party includes entertainment services. More information on booking is available on the Redland City Council's website here .

To get to the Cascade Gardens head to Victoria Point, and follow Link Road until you see the Sharks Sporting Club. Directly across the road is 140-142 Link Road, where you will see the driveway entrance to the park and car park. Now all that is left to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy these shady parklands!

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