Vevay Vegetarian Restaurant

Vevay Vegetarian Restaurant


Posted 2017-03-19 by Sarah Henschkefollow
When we think of Germany, we may think the traditional food many varieties of German sausage, cheese, and bread. So as a vegan, travelling to Germany didn't seem too promising on the food front. Let me tell you I was wrong. Not only do German supermarkets have a wide range of vegan products, including their own vegan cheeses and German sausages (so we don't feel left out), they also have some really nice restaurants. VEVAY in Frankfurt is one worth raving about.

I came across VEVAY, which is only a few minutes' walk from the main town of Frankfurt. Its modern building looks very inviting to the onlooker. Once inside, you're hit with a feeling of home as the d├ęcor is very warm and cosy. The staff here were very friendly, and quickly fetched me an English menu on finding out that my German is absolutely woeful. I followed the girl up the spiral staircase to the second floor where there were cute small tables and booth type seats. Because the seat by the window was taken, I chose to sit in the cushioning seat of the booth.

Looking through the menu was heaven because there were so many options to choose from. They have a breakfast menu, which I believe they serve all day, and also a lunch/"any time of the day menu". I had my heart set on the scrambled tofu as soon as I saw it, but other dishes included cereal, acai bowls, scrambled eggs, falafel burgers, goji cashew rice with tofu, and quinoa spaghetti, just to name a few.

Their drink menu is also quite extensive. Their drinks range from hot teas or coffees, to healthy smoothies, beer or wine. My matcha latte came within minutes of ordering as I sat back and enjoyed its warmth on this cold March day.

All the dishes around me looked absolutely nourishing. VEVAY prides itself on the ingredients being sustainable, organic, and sourced by local farmers. My scrambled tofu looked divine when it came out. Accompanying it was a cute little cloth bag with a bread roll cut in two. The tofu was full of flavour and the salad with avocado and tomato completed the dish.

I've had many tofu scrambles, even have attempted to make my own, but VEVAY's scramble was divine. It was a generous serving and the tofu was cooked just right, without being overcooked and tough. I almost wish that I had room in my stomach to order another main because my breakfast was so nice.

After my meal, I couldn't help but have a peek at the dessert menu because I wanted to experience all of what this place had to offer. I ordered the vegan cheesecake which came out as a huge slice. My stomach was saying no about halfway through, but my tastebuds were screaming yes. The cheesecake was moist on the inside and was a nice berry flavour. The biscuit base was also very satisfying.

Overall I would highly recommend this place for a nice, healthy, extremely tasty and great value for money meal. If I lived in Frankfurt, I definitely would try every item on the menu.

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