Veneziano Coffee Roasters - First Pour Cafe

Veneziano Coffee Roasters - First Pour Cafe


Posted 2012-05-17 by Melanie Lynnfollow

Welcome to the roasting house of one of today's mega roasters of the coffee world.

Down Bond Street in Abbotsford, you'll find Veneziano Coffee Roasters amidst numerous warehouses in this manufacturing region. Look a little harder, and you will find First Pour Café, attached to the main warehouse.

A trendy little space, this café/showroom is far slicker than you would expect to find in this melting pot of industry.

Word seems to be getting out that there is state of the art coffee being made down this street, because since my last visit, a new addition has been made. The café now has a tempting selection of sandwiches and focaccias on display. For such a hidden spot, it was rather difficult to find a seat at lunch hour. Seems as though all the workers nearby have caught on that there's more than just coffee roasting going on in this warehouse.

There are also plenty of accessories and other barista equipment available for purchase in store. The sociable staff can lead you in the right direction if you're not sure what your looking at or need some guidance.

You can tell that each and every worker in this place has an affinity for all things caffeinated. The gang at First Pour seem to be having their own private affair with their love of coffee making.

Late art must be a blood sport here, because the flawless designs on my cappuccino's were really more of a visual art than a food group.

According to the Veneziano website, there are actually latte art competitions run at First Pour, in addition with workshops, training classes and cupping sessions. All hosted at First Pour with details available on the Veneziano blog or Twitter.

Training classes available include: Introduction to Espresso,
Latte Art and Advanced Barista Training.

When you're finished with your sit down beverage, there is a wall of take home coffee blends to choose from. You're biggest quandary will be deciding on one. But then why choose? Buy a few and you can have a different blend every day of the week and spice things up a little.

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