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Posted 2015-10-26 by Praneel Lal-Beadnellfollow
Velvet Burger & #8195 ;

Delicious and enormous is the best description that comes to mind of the burgers at Velvet Burger. Situated in the popular area of Riccarton, close to Westfield, you will find this burger joint that is a true contendter in the gourmet burger game.

Apparently, steaped in history, as a recipe concocted by Captain James Cook and a few Maori guys it appears the 'Velvet Burger' was an old recipe book found in Captain Cook Tavern in Dunedin. The two gentlemen that found this recipe decided to launch the burger chain and it is now a much loved eatery with four locations across New Zealand.

This was the second burger joint I had the pleasure of visiting, after the famous Ferg Burger in Queenstown. I must say I was quite surprised at how delicious and hearty the burgers were.

My partner and I headed into the Riccarton store after searching for a lunch venue to curb our grumbling tummies. We stumpled upon Vlevet Burger by chance and as it was around midday, during the week it wasn't too busy, we decided to give it a red hot go.

The menu speaks for itself and each burger is packed full of wholesome ingredients from the fillings to the soft bread buns. Thirteen burgers and four mini burgers make up the impressive Velvet Burger menu. The servings are quite large so you truely get your monies worth, along with a variety of sides including Native Kumara Chips. This is the side we decided to go for as I had never had kumara before. For those of you who haven't it is New Zealand's version of a sweet potato that is grown locally. These came out crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and (on their own) would have sufficed.

However, being the foodies that we are, we had to indulge in one of the burgers on offer. After some deliberation I decided to go for 'The Babe' burger whilst my partner opted for 'The Stag'.

The Babe burger, as name suggests, was a crispy, yet moist, chicken fillet with salad, bacon, aioli, pinapple, cheese and topped with a signature relish. The Stag, as name suggests, was venison (deer) with a combination of blue cheese, portobello mushroon plum chutney, salad and aioli.

Both burgers came out within ten minutes of ordering by one of the friendly waitstaff. The buns, which were soft and floured, were a unique point of difference from many other burger joints. The first bite into both burgers respectively was just heaven. If you imagine craving something of substance and finally finding it, that is what I would state as our experience at Velvet Burger. They pull out all the bells and whistles when it comes to flavoursome burgers.

It took us not too long to devour our meals and we decided to take the Kumara chips home to snack on later. Definitely a great place to go with your friends and/or family. The venue is also licensed so you can enjoy a refreshing beer or cider from some great local brewers.

Next time you are in Riccarton, bypass the Westfield and head over to Velvet Burger. You will be overwhelmed and satisfied in a good way. If you are in a rush they also do take away so phone ahead and get your order in to bypass the mad lunchtime rush.

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