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Veggie Vie Cafe


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When you think about food, you think about nourishment and health. At its core, food is necessary for us to survive and thrive. When you look across all species on earth, nourishment starts with plants from fruit and vegetables, to herbs and edible flowers.

Veggie Vie in Regent Arcade in Adelaide central business district is bringing life to its guests in the form of 100% vegan meals, freshly squeezed juices, sweets and desserts. Its owners, Manu Parez and Monica Watts, originally started Veggie Vie as a smoothie and juice bar before re-branding it as its current café form. Vie is French is the French word for 'life', so the name Veggie Vie became the logical choice for their vision for an all-vegan café.

Five years on, Veggie Vie is a thriving vegan locale for those in search of plant options for food and drinks. The internal space breathes nature into Regent Arcade with vases filled with flowers on tables and colourful murals on the walls. The counter is a bright and light space that is welcoming and friendly. Staff members are all too eager to welcome you in Veggie Vie's space and suggest some of the many delicious items on its short-order menu. In the background, blenders are buzzing, stovetops are sizzling while foot traffic navigates the tables and chairs within.

When you arrive at an all-vegan café, you can be forgiven to take a long time to choose what to eat. This is the biggest issue when you dine at an all-vegan café like Veggie Vie. However, you can also be forgiven to think that you may not choose the right option or you may also feel a sense of missing out. At the same time, this is one of the greatest strengths for an all-vegan café like Veggie Vie.

Whatever you choose will be nourishing, anything on the menu will give you the nutrients and energy to power you throughout your day. Overall, Veggie Vie will provide you with life. One such option is Veggie Vie's Vegan Haloumi salad bowl. The bowl is overflowing with flavours from grilled mushrooms, to soft wedged of baked vegan halloumi, leaves, caramelised onions and avocado. This is the perfect choice for a brunch or lunch option; the bowl will keep you powering until after in the afternoon. Vegan Haloumi partners well with one of Veggie Vie's many hot drink options or even a smoothie or juice choice on the menu, for example, the Dark Heart (apple beetroot, purple carrot, ginger and lemon).

Afterwards, if you have a little extra time and space in the tummy to spare, try one of Veggie Vie's house-made sweet treats. Try a slice of raw pecan pie or an all-vegan chocolate cannoli. This is another way that Veggie Vie shows everyone that vegan food can bring life as well as bold flavours and tasty culinary craftsmanship in a casual setting.

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