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Posted 2012-08-26 by Kathleenfollow
Here's an interesting concept for you: a huge, delicious veggie burger could be rolling down the street towards you one day soon. Vegans and Vegetarians (and carnivores who like to eat vegan and vegetarian food) of Adelaide meet Veggie Velo : the food bike bringing vegan and vegetarian food to the streets.

For this article I selected the Food Trucks category, but Food Bike would be the more accurate term. Sadly, I asked and the bike doesn't cook and go at the same time. Manu - the lovely Frenchman behind the operation says he would have to get it organised a bit better to do that, I assume mechanically. Also, he noted exactly what I was thinking in saying that it would be pretty hard work to move with the big box on board.

I went into the city specially to get one of these burgers and after a little bit of a wait it didn't disappoint. It was huge, healthy and most importantly delicious. I got the organic quinoa and amaranth option. It came served in a wholemeal bun with mixed salad, grated carrot and beetroot, alfalfa. It was vegan but did contain sesame seeds, onion and gluten. If you want to know exactly what's in that patty: Organic Quinoa and Organic Amaranth, celery, onion, roots veg, capsicum zucchini, cumin and coriander powder and a touch of chili and Gram flour, so the patty itself is gluten free, and he's trying out different gluten free rolls too. All burgers and salads are served with onion jam (vegan GF) avocado salsa (vegan GF) and sweet chilli Mayo (vegan, GF). All this info and more is available on the Facebook page.

I am not vegan or vegetarian but with food like this, maybe I could be. The fried mushroom and haloumi burger option proved very popular, and maybe I'll give that a try next time. I was also a bit disappointed that when I got home and went back on the Facebook page I saw he was doing new fillings with the one I got - roasted sweet potato, cashew and rosemary. This wasn't available when I was there because I was early in the night I assume. Not that my burger wasn't delicious - but I am a big fan of sweet potato and cashews. There's always next time though.

The downside of anything like this is having to wait a while at peak times, and unlike being in a restaurant or cafe there is nothing to distract you from the waiting game. Also, a drawback is that you can't just pop down and grab one of these bad boys whenever you feel like it. Which may actually be a good thing because I would eat entirely too many of these if they were more readily available. He'll be at the Gilles St Markets, however, if you're keen to get in a spot of shopping and a delicious, nutritious burger.

When I asked where the inspiration came from for the veggie-burger making bicycle contraption, the answer made sense, really. It comes from a love of Adelaide, bikes, veggie food and the whole idea of food trucks the world over. So look him up on the web and go hunt-down some vegan or vegetarian food that's worth the wait and the effort.

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