Utopia Ice @ Sumner Beach

Utopia Ice @ Sumner Beach


Posted 2017-03-28 by Praneel Lal-Beadnellfollow

Take a ride on the boardwalk and advance token to Utopia Ice. This gorgeous little ice cream and sorbet haunt is the brainchild of German couple Sebastian Koburg and Mandy Klapschuweit; who came to New Zealand four years ago and have now established a successful wholesome grassroots business.

You may have seen Utopia Ice originally at the Christchurch Farmer's Market in the warmer months and Utopia Hot (where warm waffles and hot chocolate are the staple cuisine) in the colder months. Catering for both seasons the duo create flavour combinations that have their customers wondering what will be combined next.

Utopia Ice, their artisan ice creamery and sorbet business is currently located at Sumner beach, the pop-up location is created with up-cycled timber right next to the popular Beach Bar restaurant along the esplanade.

No two weeks are the same at Utopia Ice. The flavour combinations are comprised of locally sourced seasonal ingredients, made in small batches and sold to the masses.

I had the pleasure of venturing down to Utopia Ice on a little stroll with my partner one evening. Although I am a beach bunny and I had seen the cute timber stall a few times on my visits down to Sumner Beach; the thin line between sun time and having always just eaten lunch, meant I just missed my opportunity for indulging in Utopia's sweet treats. This visit was different thankfully, the evening atmosphere was warm and my tummy was completely ready for a delicious flavour hit.

The chalkboard infront of the stall informed us of what flavours were on offer. Being a big fan of chocolate and coconut I opted for the Dark Chocolate & Coconut Ice flavour whilst my partner went into full experiment mode with the Raspberry & Saffron flavour duo.

For a super cheap $5 scoop into a cone (great value) we were extremely happy with our choices. Mine was the perfect balance between coconut and chocolate and you cannot go past the crunch of a waffle cone to top off the sweet treat.

With only a few weeks of summer left, I highly recommend getting your family down to the beach (even if you are rugged up) to enjoy one of the going flavours, whether it be Pear & Pinot Gris, Dark chocolate & Hazelnut or Coffee & Butter Crumble there is a flavour for everyone to enjoy. On the plus side deciding on ice cream instead of your token beachfront fish and chips will mean that the rowdy influx of seagulls will leave you alone.

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