Unusual Uses for Milk

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Posted 2013-02-20 by Sarah Corkfollow
Milk is rich and creamy and a very tasty drink on its own, it can be added to other drinks, like tea or coffee and it's very useful for cooking. However, did you know that milk is very versatile and has a lot of other uses as well?

1. Relieve Sunburn. Sunburn can be pretty painful. Mix milk with a little water and dab onto the sunburnt area. Or soak a cloth in the solution and put over the sunburnt area to cool and sooth the skin.

2. Face Mask. Milk is a natural moisturiser. Make a solution of milk, water and a pinch of salt and smooth it on your face. Leave for about thirty minutes then wash and rinse your face, your skin will be softer and have a healthy glow.

3. Relief for Insect Bites. To relieve insect bites, dab the area with milk . It should reduce the swelling and itching and you can repeat it whenever necessary.

4. Remove Ink Stains. If you have ink stains on clothes, try soaking them overnight in a solution of milk and lemon juice. The stain will fade or even disappear.

5. Shine Shoes. Soak a cloth in milk and apply it to leather shoes, bags and other leather items, rub gently for a nice quick shine.

6. Fix China. If you have cracked China cups and dishes, try boiling them in milk. The milk works as an adhesive and settles into the cracked areas.

7. Remove Make-Up. Wash you face with a milk and warm water solution to completely remove make-up and moisturise your skin at the same time.

8. Furniture Polish. Use a solution of milk and lemon juice to clean and polish furniture. The milk will cut through the dust and dirt and the lemon juice will take care of stains.

9. Milk Bath. Milk has been used for bathing for centuries. It is rich and creamy, good for the skin and a great moisturiser. Add it to your bath water or soak in milk for softer, silkier skin.

10. Taste Enhancer. Add milk to the water when cooking corn for a richer, sweeter taste. Soak fish in milk before cooking, the fish will have a richer flavour and a smoother texture.

These are just some of the , and you can use milk for many other things. Remember that if you are using milk to clean leather or polish furniture, it might be a good idea to test it on a small area first.

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