Unusual Uses For Apples

Unusual Uses For Apples


Posted 2013-06-04 by Joyfollow

Apples have made their names through numerous mentions in mythologies, myths, folklores and adages. Described as the forbidden fruit in the Biblical story of Adam and Eve and used as the preferred mode to poison the Sleeping Beauty in the famous folklore, apples have enjoyed the limelight since the dawn of history. Apples are delicious and versatile fruits. From eating them fresh, pressing them into cider, coating them with chocolates, baking them into apple pies, uses for apples are endless. But what about the alternative uses for apples. Let's explore some of the most astonishing and unusual uses for apples.

1. Live Longer – This is indebutably the most effective use for apples. It is now an established scientific fact that apples are good for us and is certainly an excellent friend to our heart. Lets not forget the old adage, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'. So don't forget to include apple in your daily diet.

2. Make your skin glow – Peel and grate an apple and rub the grated apple onto your face, leave it on and rinse off with warm water after 15 minutes. Discover beautiful, radiant skin.

3. Make a candle holder – Let your inner genius shine by following this procedure: core the centre of an apple, insert a taper candle into the middle of the hollowed apple and light it up to instantaneously create a festive atmosphere. Earn some brownie points or glowing compliments from family and friends for your creativity.

4. Ripen food – By virtue of the fact that apples release a gas named ethylene which accelerates ripening, apple is a brilliant aid in ripening unripe fruits and veggies. Gather unripe avocados, bananas, tomatoes and anything else you need to ripen quickly and then place them in a paper bag with a ripened apple and they will soon become sweet and tender. On the other hand if you do not want your fruits and veggies to ripen quickly, veer away from storing apples with other veggies and fruits together.

5. Keep cakes fresh – Prolong the shelf life of cakes by storing them with half an apple. This procedure assists the cake in retaining its moisture considerably longer than just storing it by itself, therefore contributing to a prolonged shelf life.

6. Remove wrinkles – Make a fantastic home-made face mask by mixing a peeled and grated apple with one tablespoon of oats, one teaspoon of yoghurt and one teaspoon of honey. Apply the mixture on your face and rinse off with warm water after 10 minutes. This mask will cleanse your face and eradicate wrinkles.

7. Enjoy a delightful bath – Add a cup of pure apple juice to your bath for a scented and delightful bath.

8. Use in crafts – Slice apples, dry them and use them to create beautiful wreaths and other decorations. You can even play around whole apples and carve out crooked faces and various other enigmatic shapes.

9. Soak up salt – If you have inadvertently made your soup or stew too salty, then boil it with some apple wedges for 10 minutes. The apple will soak up the excess salt.

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