5 Cheap & Unusual Things To Do In Melbourne

5 Cheap & Unusual Things To Do In Melbourne


Posted 2012-10-29 by Alex Kuafollow

Besides walking and window shopping, what free or cheap stuff can you see/do/experience in Melbourne?

Watch a Street Performer for their ENTIRE PERFORMANCE:
Maybe their performance was not particularly to your taste but unless it's terrible, try watching to the end. Federation Square usually has a street performer on the weekends, sometimes you can spot a 'statue' along Flinders St Station and there are usually classical buskers next to the City Library (along Flinders Lane). Donations are always a good sign that you appreciated their hard work. Chatting with them later is not always possible but you might get a good story out of them if you do stay.

Talk to a Big Issue Vendor:
You see them on the streets all the time and you promptly try to ignore them. But they are people who probably have an interesting story to tell about the people they've seen. Buy the latest The Big Issue or the new 2013 Calendars that have come out.

Go to a Swap Market (Warning: Highly Addictive!):
It's cheaper than buying it new, you're contributing to protecting the environment, and sometimes you might find a gem you've always wanted (but could never find new). There are a lot of places for you to explore, but best contact the organizers as to whether the swap meets are still held. Swapmeets is a good place to start.
Play on PlayStation Move @ Federation Square:
Behind the ACMI (next to the Stickworks structure and the green eggs) there is a big screen with offers a small selection of games to play (I have only seen Fruit Ninja but there could be others).

Take the 'Explorer's Challenge' (exciting with at least 2 people):
Set 2-4 goals in Melbourne that must be accomplished by each person (no copying allowed!). Examples are: try a new drink, make a new friend, try food from a new region (this means African or Mexican NOT Brunswick or Hawthorn), find street art (tagging not included), or take a photo with a celebrity (can be posters, products etc). Best thing is to be creative and challenged by your goals.

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