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Posted 2021-08-23 by Seafarrwide follow

If you have owned or own a dog, then you have experienced the utter devotion and comfort a pet can provide. I've owned several dogs in my lifetime and just over a year ago, two of my dearest dogs passed away. I have many wonderful memories and happy snaps taken with my iPhone. Sadly, I didn't think to get any professional photography done of my furbabies.

My dogs and I have been on countless walks by the lake, along Sydney's spectacular coastline and many fun visits to dog beaches. I have many wonderful memories of our walks and also just sitting, watching beautiful sunrises and sunsets together. My pack has seen wildlife, snakes and interesting birds. We've also come across other animal lovers and made new friends. In my lowest moments, my dogs have provided me with comfort like nothing else could. They are my family and are as precious to me as any of my human family members.

Recently, I came across Kevin Case's "Fur Art Photography" on his Facebook page. Kevin's style of photography to me is outstanding. He has twenty years of experience as a photographer and he knows how to read light and locations creating beautiful compositions.

He is passionate about photographing dogs in nature and preferably somewhere they often go. He feels that photographs taken in their favourite area will provide that extra connection to creating a lasting memory.

Some of Kevin's shoots are taken while your dog enjoys a swim or while playing in the park.

The action shots look exceptional. I know how hard it is to take action shots with good clarity. A professional photographer, like Kevin, has all the skills to achieve a unique photograph of high quality.

Kevin is also a skilled commercial photographer but feels his real talent and enjoyment comes from doing dog photography. Kevin started taking photographs of dogs initially as a hobby and started a project called Silver Tails . He aims to release a book at Christmas. If you would be interested in seeing your dog in his Silver Tails book, contact Kevin through his website. This is also a great opportunity to see how Kevin works with your dog.

I decided to be part of the Silver Tails project and offered my dog, Benji, for a photoshoot. The result was amazing. He looked like a little Chewbacca bear coming through the forest.

Kevin utilises the natural light of certain times of the day and enjoys the challenge of photographing a dog in action or just meandering enjoying his surroundings. The result will be stunning images that encapsulate your dog's true personality. Your image will be more than just a photograph, but a beautiful piece of art you will treasure forever.

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