6 Unique Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Posted 2014-01-12 by Jasmine Hayden follow

Travelling is a dream many have. Seeing the tourist sights are well worth it, but the real adventure happens when you begin to immerse yourself in the hidden gems and culture the city has to offer. Kuala Lumpur is infamous for its street food and shopping culture, so I thought I'd try to take you on a different path and show you another exciting adventure Kuala Lumpur has to offer. Sit back and enjoy my six favourite unique things to do in KL.

6. Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary
For over 30 years, Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary aims to help look after abandoned elephants whilst providing a great opportunity for the public to get up close with these Malaysian elephants.

There are ample opportunities to feed these gentle giants and provided the weather conditions are appropriate, you can even help bathe them! (This is based on river levels and this opportunity is open to the first 100 people).

Entry is free but this non-profit sanctuary runs on donations so give generously so they can continue to provide a home to these elephants whilst raising public awareness for elephant conservation. For more information and reviews, check outhttp://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attraction_Review-g298291-d504486-Reviews-Kuala_Gandah_Elephant_Sanctuary-Pahang.html.

5. Eagle Feeding
Eagle feeding is best visited as part of a tour (usually it is coupled with fireflies and Batu Caves) but it is an experience in itself. You are escorted onto a motorised boat that takes you out on a beautiful river. The driver cuts the motor and you float for a while whilst you take in the tranquillity of country Kuala Lumpur.

The driver then throws pieces of chicken in the river and seconds later, you see drones of eagles and birds circle overhead. An eagle suddenly swoops, extending its talons and snatches the food from the river. For the next half an hour, you are treated to an incredible feeding session where eagle after eagle will circle then swoop for its food – a sight not to be missed. Tickets are 50rm pp.

4. Dining in the dark restaurant
Ever wondered what it would be like sitting in a completely dark room, your senses heightened, your stomach rumbling. You firstly smell the rich aromas of what will be a gastronomical delight and as you are introduced to the carefully prepared meals.

Welcome to Dining in the Dark restaurant. A first of its kind, their meals are all consumed entirely in the dark – no distractions and your senses heightened to taste every flavour and spice. Their wait staff are experts at what they do so come down for dinner in a whole new way. While I won't ruin the surprise of what is on the menu, the classic menu costs 118RM pp – well worth it!

For more information, visit www.dininginthedarkkl.com
3. Monkey Hill**
Monkey hill is so busy that you know it must be good. You can buy a bag of chopped up vegetables for 10rm per bag to feed the monkeys. These little creatures are mischievous and know exactly what they want. You offer them a sweet potato but they really want a banana so what do they do? They 'll either walk away and find someone else holding a banana or motion towards your bag of veggies!

The monkeys are incredible friendly but not aggressive so enjoy your time feeding and watching them interact. Don't be surprised if you end up with one on your shoulder! While we were over there, our taxi driver told us to feed the black ones not the brown ones as they can get aggressive so keep that in mind.

Furthermore, if you've come at the right time of year, you might be able to see the younger babies – they are an orange-brown colour and extremely cute! Make your way to Monkey Hill for a real close encounter with these wonderful creatures!

2. Skytrex Adventure
Skytrex adventure is not for the faint-hearted! Test your fear of heights with this climb to the tree-tops of a rainforest and zipline and climb through a series of challenging high ropes obstacles.

They cater for all levels from the 'Little Adventure', 'Big Thrill' to the 'Extreme Challenge' where you will be 22 metres high. While climbing through these obstacles, remember to take a moment to savour the beautiful scenery and take in the wonder that is Malaysia. Skytrex also places huge emphasis on safety and before all courses, you are taken through a comprehensive training course.

As with all good things, they book out quickly so make sure you book online in advance! Go to www.skytrex-adventure.com/index.php to begin your adventure!

1. Fireflies
And in number one, my personal favourite unique activity to do in KL would be to see the fireflies! Fireflies are found in only two places in the world and after a few hours drive from KL central, you too can experience what is truly a natural wonder. Situated in a little fishing town outside KL, you can pay approx. 40rm for a boat of 4 people.

The oarsman rows the boat down the river in silence and as you pass the bushes, you see millions of fireflies twinkle in unison like lights on a Christmas tree! It is truly an incredible experience that is deserving of the time taken to drive there. Couple this with a seafood dinner on the river and it is a night that will take your breath away.

So come to KL and enjoy these six experiences that take you slightly away from the spots that are normally crowded with tourists and explore and immerse yourself into this unique culture.

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