Uni Revue - The Lyin' King

Uni Revue - The Lyin' King


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Tue 10 Sep 2019 - Sat 21 Sep 2019

I've been going to the Uni Revue ever since my longest and dearest friend of 29 years, Laura Brown, has been in it. She was in it for seven years and I laughed, at her and with her, every time I went. Although she's not in it this year I still thought I would go along because going by history it's guaranteed to have me in stitches. I think you'll find it a yearly tradition for a lot of Tasmanians.

The Old Nick Company is back with its 72nd annual Uni Revue at the Theatre Royal in Hobart. The Old Nick Company was established in 1948 and is Tasmania's premier amateur theatre company. The Theatre Royal opened in 1937 and over the years has been remodelled, refurbished and restored as the oldest continually operating theatre in Australia. It is not just a piece of history but a living centre for the performing arts. Although modern modifications have been done it preserves its old look with red seats and gold structures. The perfect place to show off Tasmanian talent.

This year's Uni Revue, The Lyin' King, is a production covering state, national and international politics and news in parody and satire. Directed by Zeb Dwyer and Beck Andrews, it is centrally themed around the recent Federal Election. This year it meshes the Disney classic, The Lion King, with politics, on a stage set in the savanna. Benedicta McGeown, Joshua Scott Corey, Simon Andrews and Benjamin Smith come together to bring more than just a laugh over the absurdity of the last election. The 20 cast members will be portraying everyone from Zazu to the hyenas in the Disney production - as if they were members of the Australian parliament. Shorten plays the Simba character and is set up to be the next Prime Minister of Australia.

The Revue team knows no filter; saying the things you usually only think in your head. If you're easily offended this isn't the show for you! It's a sketch-based comedy song-and-dance show full of old antics, bawdy jokes, rudeness and political satire. No one is safe in this production...if you're a politician expect to be served!

Book online or phone
Duration: 2 hours (including interval)
Recommend for 15 years
Adult content - coarse language and occasional gratuitous nudity
Smoke, haze effects and strobe lighting
No filming or photography permitted

Also, for the first time, the Uni Revue team are heading to Launceston.
The Princess Theatre
Wed 4 - Sat 7 September 2019 - 8pm

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