Underwood Park

Underwood Park


Posted 2012-03-25 by Michelle MacFarlanefollow
, near Rochedale on Brisbane's southside, is a sprawling complex featuring playgrounds, sportsfields, a BMX track and natural bushland. It's not like any other park I've been to in Brisbane, and is definitely worth a visit.

My family went to for the first time recently, when my older son had a Saturday-morning soccer game out there. After driving about half an hour from the CBD, we were officially in Logan City, and soon spotted the big '' sign on Underwood Road.

I'd been expecting a few soccer fields and not much more, so I was blown away by the size and variety of the facilities at the park.

On our right-hand side as we drove in, we passed an amazing BMX track, with a big BMX competition in progress. (This track looked like it was for hard-core devotees and had local bike club signage on it, so if your kids are interested in using it, it might pay to call Logan Council first and check out when and if it's available.)

On our other side was a large terraced area, with a gazebo, lawn and duck pond, clearly a wedding venue as well as a nice scenic addition.

Next along the road came a complex of basketball courts, not in use for competition but with a few families having fun. Near the courts were a couple of good playgrounds, with lots of littlies and their families enjoying them.

We soon came to the first soccer fields, where games were already underway. But our game was further up the road, past a cricket field, where an adults club game of Saturday-morning cricket was in progress. We turned a corner and there we were, relieved to have made our match on time.

While my son did his warm-up, I took our dog for a walk through a patch of bush that bordered the soccer field. A worn path showed that this was clearly a favourite destination for dog-walkers and joggers. The bush was pleasant and safe, with clear views through to the sportsfields and other areas.

The dog had a great time sniffing around, and I enjoyed the chance to stretch my legs in pretty, natural surroundings. Meanwhile, my younger son and my husband chilled out on a blanket in the sun near the soccer field.

After this, I took the dog for a walk further afield, to check out the park's features in more detail. As well as all the things we'd seen on our drive through, I found the local Girl Guides hut, a dog-obedience training facility, and even a licensed club that offers meals and the like.

Clearly this park is designed to give Logan residents a great range of facilities, and I was impressed. Even doggy visitors are catered for -- the council website says that there's an off-leash area, though, sadly, my pet and I didn't manage to find it on this visit. (Also be aware that dogs are not permitted on soccer fields at the park.)

At the end of our jaunt, we headed back to watch my son's game. He played well, and we all went home happy. The dog and I had had a lovely adventure, my husband and my younger son had enjoyed relaxing in nice surrounds, and our team ended up winning the game. Best of all, we'd discovered another great park, which I highly recommend for a visit.

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