Under the Paris Sky: Dinner & Show Adelaide Fringe Review

Under the Paris Sky: Dinner & Show Adelaide Fringe Review


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Fri 22 Feb 2019 - Sat 23 Feb 2019

Under the Paris Sky: Dinner & Show – Adelaide Fringe Review

Event: 22/02/2019 – 23/02/2019

Overall rating: & #9733 ;& #9733 ;& #9733 ;1/2

Date Attended: 22/02/2019

Wine, dine and have a good time watching comedy cabaret Under the Paris Sky

Be transported all the way to the City of Love with Under the Paris Sky, which promises to provide an evening of Parisian-themed entertainment where comedy meets cabaret.

Presented by local talents Georgia Darcy and Louise Lawson, Under the Paris Sky is a product of over six years of experience in writing, producing and presenting cabaret shows across South Australia, Melbourne and even France.

Before the performance, guests are treated to a home-cooked, country-style dinner that also caters for those that are gluten-free or vegetarian. For the main course, options include Chicken Provencale, Boeuf Bourguignon and vegetarian Roasted Chickpea Ratatouille.

Following a sit-down, wholesome dinner, talented local singer Georgia Darcy captivates the hearts of romantics of all ages with her passionate vocals and mesmerising transition between her Australian accent and French lyrics.

Louise Lawson plays French maid Cecile, a silent slapstick-comedy character who Darcy originally orders from FulfillYourFantasy.com as her housekeeper who brings with her nothing but mischief and mayhem.

Timeless Parisian classics by artists such as Edith Piaf are balanced by upbeat, modern hits inspired by breakout French pop artist Zaz. Darcy weaves an intricate web to combine the old with the new, promoting positive messages of love, compassion and confidence.

Scattered amongst several musical intervals are comedy sketches where maid Cecile pops a bottle of bubbly between her legs, steals Darcy's Peugeot and even weaves her way through the audience with a papier-mache anglerfish!

Amongst the lighthearted, comedic scenes also lies some poignant, serious moments. Darcy introduces audiences to Bozo, a papier-mache clown's head, whom she places on a record player and repeats back to her Jacques Brel's haunting song Carousel (La Valse à Mille Temps). A seemingly innocent gag turns into an eerie, high speed melody speaking about the carousel of life.

Quick on the keys is talented pianist Simon Walters, who breathes life into Darcy's gutsy vocals with jaunty piano solos. Walters even joins in on some of the gags himself, resulting in a scene where he plays a ridiculously speedy solo with a rose between his teeth.

Donning a towering black wig and with a cigarette holder and wine glass always in hand, Darcy returns to the stage as queen diva Julienne Carotte. Miserable after discovering her husband has left her for his secretary, Carotte wails her way through a cover of Pink Martini's Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler, as Cecile runs in zig zags to top up the staggering woman's glass.

At the conclusion of the performance, guests are then treated to a mouth-watering dessert which acts as the cherry on top of the evening's entertainment. Choices include a French Apple Tart, Profiteroles and Almond Tuiles.

Under the Paris Sky graced The Girls Place in Thebarton for two limited-time only performances – Friday 22 February at 6:30pm, and a matinee performance on Saturday 23 February at 12:30pm.

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