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Unconventional Uses for Your Everyday Household Items

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by Rania H (subscribe)
Rania Hussein
Published March 9th 2013
Life is unusual so as your everyday items
Your everyday household items can be your '911 supermarket call', so open up your fridge and kitchen cabinets and let's take a looksy!

Now you don't have to run to the nearest superstore every time
you need something, what you have in your house is more than enough to solve your conundrum. All you need to do is to get to know your household items better - allow
Are you having kitchen trouble?
me to introduce you to their other endless tricks.


1- Gets rid of sticky glue: If you have some glue on your hands and can't seem to get rid of, just rub some butter on your fingers before washing your hands.
2- Prolongs your cheese life: It can prevent cheese from going bad for a long time, just dab a little butter on the edge, wrap it and put in the fridge.
3- Treats dry or rough skin: Rub a small amount of butter on your dry areas then rinse off with a mild soap and water, and you'll feel the difference. Butter also keeps cuticles soft and flexible, and fingernails less fragile. It can also treats skin irritations like sunburn, diaper rash, and minor burns; just rub a plentiful amount of butter on the area irritated twice a day, leave for an hour and cover with a bandage, within a few days the irritation should be gone.
4- Ring removal: if you tried a smaller ring and couldn't get it off your finger, don't panic, a little dab of butter and it's smoothly off.
5- Leather polish: a dash of butter on a cotton cloth and your leather jacket, purse, belts or gloves will shine as if they are brand new.
6- Metal polisher: yes, it can also put a sparkle on anything iron.
7- A squeak banisher: if you're ever out of oil and can't stand your squeaking door, simply brush a small amount of butter on the hinge.


1- Stops bleeding gum: just press a tea bag on the bleeding area.
2- Reduce eye puffiness: put a wet tea bag on each eye for about 20 minutes for extra freshness.
3- Banish foot odor: soak your feet everyday in a tea basin for fresh, clean smelling feet.


1- Glue: egg whites are pretty sticky as it dries; so if you're ever out of glue, use those egg whites to stick your paper mache together.
2- First aid kit: If you are bruised, scratched, burnt or have cut yourself with a knife, just hard boil an egg and use the thin membrane between the white and the shell as a band aid. It will stop the bleeding and lessen the scar.
3- Plants love eggs: since the egg shells include calcium, next time you boil eggs, don't throw the water away. Wait till it gets cool and water your plants with it instead, believe me you'll see the difference. From now on, consider saving your egg shells as seed starters, just make sure to rinse the shells with water to get rid of the membrane. Poke a small hole in the bottom with a pin. Place your seeds in; this will draw in extra nutrients from the shells and your plants will grow up nice and tall!
4- Anti-aging cleanser: egg whites and yolks can really make a smooth anti-aging cleanser; simply whisk whites or yolk with half cup of water. Wash then rinse your face - you'll immediately feel smoothed and renewed with smaller pores.

Baking Soda

1- Shoe deodorizer: just add a little of baking soda inside your running shoes to eliminate the stinky smell and keep it clean.
2- Ant exterminator: baking soda is an ant's worst enemy, so put some in their path and they won't come back again into your house.
3- Class B fire extinguisher: I always have this problem of starting a grease fire while cooking, but with baking soda I get to put the fire out without burning myself or destroying the cooker.
4- Fresh breath enhancer: just brush away the bad breath by a dab of baking soda.


1- Remove pencil marks: my baby girl always has her artistic way of leaving crayon marks all over our walls. With a little amount of mayo rubbed on the colored area, leave for 10-20 minutes and then wipe over to find them all magically gone.
2- Stronger nails: soak your finger nails into some mayonnaise and leave for about 8 minutes, rinse through and you will see that you won't chip your nails when opening another tomato paste can.
3- Buff your furniture out: don't worry about water rings all over your wooden furniture, a dab of mayo and buffing can restore its first shine in 10 minutes. But first try it on a smaller spot and next time use a coaster.


1- Wiping off grease easily: when washing the dishes, grease is really hard to get rid of, so I soak the dishes in vinegar and after 15 minutes they come out sparkling clean.
2- Cleaning chrome: wipe a small amount of vinegar on the desired area and voilą - no streaks.
3- Sanitize cutting boards: I soak a cloth in vinegar, and then wipe the cutting board with it to disinfect it and also remove the stains.


What's in your fridge can save the day
(LaraLove/Wikimedia Commons)
1- Energy bar alternate: 1 tbsp of honey before your work out can boost your performance.
2- Treat wounds: the next time you're cut or scratched, put a drop of honey on the affected area.
3- Soften dry elbows: rub a small amount of honey on your dry elbows, leave for 30 minutes then rinse off.
4- No frizz serum: after washing your hair, coat the ends with honey, leave it on for about 5 minutes, then wash out. Your hair will be less frizzy and conditioned.


1- Clean windows and glass faster: yes, newspaper is better to clean your windows, glass and mirrors, and leaves no streaks.
2- More flexible shoes: if you haven't worn your fav shoes for a long time and it's becoming dry, don't throw them away, just fill them with newspapers and it will kick in.
3- Ripen veggies and fruits: My mum taught me this trick; wrapping newspapers around hard green vegetables and fruits and leave them at room temperature to ripe and it works out, but you just have to be patient.
4- Deodorize food containers: containers can get smelly over time and at times the smell won't leave even after washing several times; all you need to do is stuff your containers with newspaper balls and leave them for 24 hours, they are odor free.
5- Pack delicate objects: I am used to going back and forth from Egypt to UAE, so I learned to always wrap my valuable delicate objects in triple layers of newspapers and trust me, all the pulling and banging doesn't break them.

Old Toothbrush

1- Brush your eyebrows: if you have thick eyebrows like those of Brooke Shields', then you should definitely use your old toothbrush to groom them.
2- Dye your hair roots: you could use it for quick touch-ups; like re-dying your faded color roots.
3- Give your nails a quick padi: it can clean the dirt under your finger nails and leave it fresh.


1- Say goodbye to sweat stains: you know the yellowish shirt collar or the rusty armpit stains that's somehow waterproofed and no matter how many times you washed the garment, it doesn't go away - now this is a true terminator for non-budged sweat stains. Simply crush 4-5 aspirins and mix with a small amount of water until it forms a paste, cover the stain and leave it for 5-6 minutes then wash as usual.

2- Treats dandruff: simply crush two pills into your shampoo and you'll see the difference.

Baby Oil

1- Massaging oil: you don't need an expensive massaging oil to feel relaxed, you can use baby oil instead.
2- Eye makeup remover: I actually love using baby oil to remove my eye makeup; just a dab of baby oil on a cotton ball and it works pretty well, leaving my eyelids and under eye softer.
3- Soften cracked heels: remember before going to bed to apply a small amount of baby oil on the dry area along with a sock and you're good to go.
4- Bath oil: just add a few drops in your bath tub and have your warm bubbly oil bath.
5- After shave oil: you can use it as a moisturizing layer after shaving.
6- Reduce stretch marks during pregnancy: starting from your fourth month of pregnancy, try applying a dab of baby oil to soften the skin and the best thing is it won't harm your baby.
7- Polish wooden furniture: if you want to shine your furniture for a sudden visit from friends or your in-laws and you're out of Pledge, no worries, baby oil can give a sparkle to your furniture in no time.

Hair dryer

1- Hot compress: point your blow dryer on the towel and leave it on while putting the compress on your injury.
2- Defrosting food: your microwave is busted; melt them down with a hair dryer.
3- Quick dry nail polish: a little hot air from your hair dryer can speed up the process.
4- Drying clothes: quick dry your semi-wet clothes with a hair dryer.
5- Cake frost gloss: add gloss to your baked goodies by mildly blow drying the entire cake.
6- Remove price tags and stickers easily: the hot air from your hair dryer will loosen the sticker and make it really easy to remove without leaving trails behind.

I think these things would come in handy if you were ever short of any stuff around the house, just remember there's always an alternative for everything.
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Wonderful tips; these are extremely handy things to know.
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Thanks for sharing.
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