Uluru One Day Tour

Uluru One Day Tour


Posted 2018-05-27 by Rachel Lovedayfollow

If you're in the NT, short on time but still want to take the opportunity to see Uluru, then a one-day tour is the way to go. I know this because it's how I chose to see Uluru.

As I was staying in Alice Springs, I got on the tour bus at 6am. With this particular tour, if you were picked up in Alice Springs you also got a buffet breakfast at the Erldunda Roadhouse. The breakfast was lovely as was the Roadhouse itself with its cute restaurant, grocery shop and emu enclosure. The emus are clearly used to being photographed as some of them would come up to the fence when I had my camera out and stand perfectly still as I took their photo.

After the Roadhouse, we made our way to the Mount Connor Lookout, which according to our tour guide is often mistaken for Uluru. He told us to think of it like toothpaste spread out on a toothbrush as that's what it looks like in the distance. Afterwards, we stopped by at Lake Swanson, all salt, which is majestic to view.

After this, the tour guides drove to the Outback Pioneer Hotel to pick up more tour mates and drop some off. We stayed for a while to have a nice and healthy wrap for lunch, a packed lunch was another benefit of the tour, after this we made our way to Kata Tjuta (Olgas) where we went for our first walk of the day. Walking into Walpa Gorge wasn't easy as there were no smooth surfaces, but it was worth it.

After this, we went to the Aboriginal Cultural Centre where we learnt more about Indigenous culture, specifically the local Pitjantjatjara people. We got to see the local's artistic skills as we watched them create amazing dot paintings and we had the chance to buy souvenirs if we wished to do so.

After this, we finally reached Uluru, which is glorious! We went on a base walk, the Mala Walk where we got to explore the historical nooks and crannies of Uluru and see rock art up close. Our second Uluru walk was to the Mutitjulu Waterhole, which is absolutely beautiful. Our guide shared stories of the local traditions, even asking for a minute of silence to notice the serenity of the area and showed us more rock art, which has sadly deteriorated due to past tour guides pouring water on them to show to tourists. This, of course, was pre-reconciliation and our tour guide admitted that he and other tour guides of today feel ashamed of those actions.

Our day ended with a sunset BBQ, as if our tour guides didn't work hard enough they also cooked dinner for us, which was delicious. If you want to see a sun setting in beautiful scenery, Uluru is the perfect place.

After dinner, we all got back on the bus to be taken back to our accommodation, our tour guide put the film, Red Dog, on for us to watch, further cementing the most Australian tour ever.

So if you can only see Uluru in one day, this is the best tour to do this, however, it was a long day as I didn't get back to my accommodation until well after midnight, but believe me, it's worth it.

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