Two Raging Grannies - Transitions Film Festival 2016

Two Raging Grannies - Transitions Film Festival 2016


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Fri 20 May 2016 - Sun 29 May 2016

Two Raging Grannies is a Norwegian production, directed by HÃ¥vard Bustnes and written by Lars Andersen. It tells the story of Hinda Kipnis and Shirley Morrison, a couple of Seattle-based, nonagenarian activists. On mobility scooters.

Hinda and Shirley hold the view that if economic growth was curbed, a world financial crisis could be avoided. In a measured attempt to further their knowledge and understandings they decide to enroll in a University class. Unfortunately for the two, the lecturer is not of the interactive learning persuasion and discourages their questions before asking them to 'be quiet or leave'.

Undaunted, they consult Google and YouTube to identify alternative forums where they might learn or be heard. Being heard takes precedence and they set out on a quest to convince key figures and economic agencies who, as it happens, have an opposing view.

Their quest takes them to major financial corporations where they question The World Bank's strategies to achieve their official goal of reducing poverty. On a roll now, and undeterred by Hinda's failing health, the women decide to take a trip to New York City. Clearly not for a holiday.

Hinda and Shirley take themselves off to a Wall Street Dinner function where Shirley confronts an unsuspecting audience, asking 'Why do we have to keep growing (our economy)?' What happens next is vicious and would likely crush a lesser being. Not Shirley.

I was moved by the friendship between these tenacious women and impressed by their endurance and determination. The film left me questioning whether, in fact, we can keep growing our world economy forever?

Two Raging Grannies is featured in the fifth annual Transitions Film Festival returns to the Mercury Cinema, Adelaide, from May 20-29 with a line up of thought provoking documentaries. Each film highlights a current world challenge, with a broad focus on sustainability.

For your chance to win a free double pass to Two Raging Grannies, visit the Transitions Film Festival win page and enter the code RAGEWEN before May 17.

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