Two Little Dickheads: Slot Fillers - Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2024 Review

Two Little Dickheads: Slot Fillers - Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2024 Review


Posted 2024-04-10 by Jenfollow

Wed 10 Apr 2024 - Sun 21 Apr 2024

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Opting for something different - to see what I'd never experienced before, I began to rethink my choice of watching a comedy show called Two Little Dickheads. Too late, I'm already at the venue. I remembered that I had chosen to see this show because I had read it was chaotic, energised, clowntastic, and musical nonsense. I guess I was in the mood for madness and mayhem and decided I'll take on Two Little Dickheads: Slot Fillers , and go along for the ride, come what may.

If you'd like to throw yourself into the abyss, you'll find this warm and funny duo at the gorgeous StoryVille , 185 Lonsdale St, Melbourne. Performing from now until 21 April 2024 (the same date the Melbourne International Comedy Festival comes to an end) - get your tickets here . This is also a reminder that the comedy festival is coming to an end soon, so go ahead and support live performances and the artists, grab yourselves a great night out, a few laughs, and some tickets on the website .

Do note the show is suitable for audiences 15+ as it contains occasional coarse language and strong sexual references. The venue is not suitable for all abilities with long winding stairs to get to the main bar area (images above) and a further couple of small flights of stairs to get to the venue on the floor above. However, it's an easy stroll to the venue up Lonsdale Street from the heart of the city. I went to the CBD via public transport and again got off at the 'China Town' (it's not called that but the tram stop is right at the entrance of China Town but on the opposite side) tram stop, from where it was a short 7-10 min walk to StoryVille .

Sharnema and Dave will be your new favourite cat-loving pair who do more than fill slots. They are like two playful kids rampant with ADHD on stage. Their tirade of antics had the full house rolling in laughter, and there is some audience participation in 'Fanta' of the Opera - but nothing you can't handle. They are on a speed train of verbal diarrhoea, with the addition of unhinged sketch, silly dancing, a lot of nonsense, big chaos energy, and their slot-filling puppets because Sharnema and Dave aren't really there - missed the flight, *wink-wink*, and sent in their understudies.

Throughout this journey of mayhem, you have to stop and question yourself - why does it all feel so right - that all this nonsense somehow makes sense to you? Are you the dickhead?

Through it all there's a whole lot of heart, some pretty rank knickers, a lot of warmth and some wonderful vocals from Sharnema which doesn't really get a moment in the spotlight, other than a comedic one. You're given just a snippet that has you recognising this woman has a good set of pipes. I'd love to hear her sing a regular song. I would definitely recommend you go out and get yourself a little mayhem and madness with this wonderful duo who come out to mingle at the end of the show and sell you little bottles of glitter for your eyes - the ones they wear, for $10, to help support their charity for cats. Get yourself one, because it's not about you. I'm definitely planning on wearing mine. Do make sure you check out the rest of the comedy festival shows at StoryVille with 12 in all comedians performing there. Grab 'em while they're still here. If you love Storyville, they have their own events you might want to check out on their website , like - StoryTime Wednesdays; StoryVille Fridays; StoryVille Saturdays; Sunday Ville and Wonderland Thursdays.

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