Turkish Mosiac Lamp Making - ArtMasterclass

Turkish Mosiac Lamp Making - ArtMasterclass


Posted 2024-05-30 by Serenafollow

This mosaic lamp-making class is held at the ArtMasterclass studio in Sydney, and I can say there is plenty of inspiration around the room as it is filled with pre-made lamps of all sizes, shapes and colours, and there is plenty of space if you want to bring all of your friends along with you.

You can choose from many different options, mini table lamps, short lamps, swan lamps, camping lamps! They vary in price based on size, but they're all great to look at, and follow the same basic process in the workshop.

First things first, you need to select what design you want for your lamp. The ArtMasterclass team provide all the coloured glass you'll need (and a much wider variety of colours than if you got one of the DIY kits ). There are so many colours and shapes to pick from, honestly, I think the longest part of the workshop was simply picking my colour scheme and what pattern I wanted to make! Seriously, I spent forever trying out different colours, patterns and styles. Luckily we were given cheat sheet guides and of course, the lovely staff were there to help at all times.

Next, it takes glue ... a lot a lot of glue, to stick your pattern onto your lamp. I will say that my pattern did not account for the slightly misshapen glass pieces, or the curvature of my lamp, oops! But it all still turned out beautiful in the end despite my many mistakes and slow process. When in doubt add more glue and beads.

A lovely bonus to the class was that we got to taste Turkish tea as well as some authentic Turkish delight, although I will admit it was a little hard to eat and drink when I had both glue and glass beads stuck to my hands.

Part of your homework after the class is to finish letting the base glue dry, and then at home complete your lamp by putting on the plaster layer (don't worry, there's an instructional video series to guide you through) and putting it all together with the lamp base and little lamp hat (okay it's probably not called a hat, but I like to believe that it's a little gnome cap for my lantern).

Despite me changing my mind 100 times on my pattern, and making mistakes, and getting glue and plaster everywhere in class and at home, I'm really happy with how my lantern turned out. It's cute and shines brightly, and is a fun piece of decor to add to my living room. With the added bonus of enjoying my time making the lamp with friends. It was fun and I have recommended going to a number of friends and colleagues.

If you want to make another lamp at home, or send a DIY gift to a friend you can purchase kits as well as tools via their website. I personally like the size of the mini table lamps, but you can go as big or small as you like.

Location 191 William St, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010
Price Ranging from $99 to $159 depending on what lamp style you choose
Time 2.5 hours
Book via the ArtMasterclass website

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