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Posted 2012-11-05 by Emma Williamsfollow
Recently I was taken on a date to an unexpected location. It wasn't your typical dinner and a movie, but I think that it was probably more fun. On this particular casual Saturday my boyfriend took me to Tunza Fun . To be honest there were moments where I felt a little silly being surrounded by children but I was quickly won over by the flashing lights and my competitive nature.

There are plenty of two-player games for a bit of friendly competition (just try and get a partner who doesn't cheat). Tunza Fun provides you with all the classics like dodgem cars, shooting games, air hockey tables and claw machines with a few modern alternatives like guitar hero chucked in as well.

The games use a prepaid swipe card, so you don't have to worry about filling your pockets with change. The card accumulates a series of points depending on your skill level, that you can cash in at the counter and select a prize (I managed to secure a packet of bubble blowers). This prepaid card system can prove problematic as you can't tell how much money is left. Some of the games are rather expensive, so if you have little ones it's possible to burn through your money in a matter of minutes.

For Birthday parties there is a birthday room and you can buy a birthday pack as well. If you are not interested in games, Tunza Fun also has a café and massage chairs.

It can get rather chaotic on weekends, which might be a negative if you don't like hordes of children running and screaming. I also suspect that prolonged exposure to the repetitive music might result in headaches.

Tunza Fun is definitely a favourite with children, however for those who don't have children and are looking to kill a few hours on the weekend it certainly provides an enjoyable time.

Open from 10am, everyday
Sunday to Thursday close at 10pm
Friday & Saturday close 11pm
Belconnen Shopping Town
18 Benjamin Way
(opposite Hoyts cinema)

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