Truly Malaysian Village, Port Road

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Posted 2023-01-03 by Jonathan Phoonfollow
Previously located at Valley View , Truly Malaysian Village has moved to a new location along Port Road at Allenby Gardens. They now offer a more permanent menu with specials available during the weekends.

The fried chicken in the Nasi Lemak Ayam Berrempah had juicy flesh that was set off nicely by the crisp coating. The spices in the coating gave the chicken its distinctive taste. We also liked that the coconut rice was fluffy with a lovely degree of coconut flavour. Accompanying the chicken was what you expect for Nasi Lemak, hard-boiled egg, cucumber, peanuts, fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies) and chilli sambal. Take a bit of care with the sambal however as it is quite hot.

The various vegetables in their Sayur Campur Sos Tiram all retained a bit of bite, with tomatoes providing a change of texture from the firmer vegetables. Notably the dish included a variety of carrot that is different from the orange ones Australians are used to. The oyster sauce that the vegetables were fried in gave the dish a delectable savoury flavour that was taken up well by the chunks of tofu.

Much like their previous location, this restaurant also offers Malaysian sweets known as kueh alongside their regular menu items. The crepe that forms a key part of the Kueh Dadar offered during our visit had a delightful light texture and the serving size is just right for a single serving. The texture of the coconut filling was not too rough with gula melaka (palm sugar) giving it its distinctive flavour without being too sweet.

The in-house eating area is much bigger compared to their previous location. Takeaway family meal packages are available to purchase from Wednesdays to Fridays to provide a convenient meal option for those who are too busy to prepare dinner.

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