Truly Malaysian Village

Truly Malaysian Village


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Despite being located a fair distance from the CBD, at Valley View is a popular place for those who like delicious Malaysian cuisine. Their menu changes each week and is announced on their Facebook page in the middle of the week. Customers are encouraged to pre-order online to ensure that they will not be disappointed on arrival. also serves kueh (snack or dessert). However, what will be offered during the weekend are not announced on their Facebook page and cannot be pre-ordered.

Their Nasi Kandar came with fried chicken Maryland and sweet black beef. The fried chicken Maryland had succulent flesh which was set off by the crisp coating. It also had a mildly spiced flavour with a bit of curry gravy spooned over it for some heat. The sweet black beef was tender, with the sauce imparting it with a delectable sweet flavour. The meats were served with flavoured steamed rice, a hard-boiled egg, fried turmeric cabbages, okra, chilli along and pappadums. If this sounds like too much meat for you, there was an option without sweet black beef.

Their Curry Laksa had a nice degree of heat and the chicken and prawns were cooked just right. Bean sprouts and green beans added extra texture to the dish and the fried tofu took on the flavour of the gravy very well. A lime wedge was provided for a bit of sharpness.

The prawns in the Turmeric Stir-fry Shrimp were done as well as the one in the Curry Laksa, and the turmeric sauce helped to lift their flavour. Contrast was provided by the onions and spring onions cooked with the prawns and some freshness was provided by wedges of tomatoes.

For those looking for a typical Malaysian drink to go with their dishes, there is Teh Tarik (tea with milk). While it contained condensed milk, it was not too sweet and we were able to taste the black tea in it.

In addition to savoury dishes, this restaurant also offers various types of Malaysian sweets collectively known as kueh. The firm glutinous rice layer of the Seri Muka we enjoyed during our visit was contrasted nicely by the softer custard layer. The custard layer had a delightful hint of pandan flavour.

Another Malaysian sweet that we enjoyed was a cake made with tapioca and flavoured with durian. It had a chewy texture that is different from the cakes that most Australians are used to. The durian taste was not too overpowering and the kueh was baked sufficiently to give the exterior a nice golden-brown colour.

While many of their customers tend to order their dishes for take-away, there are some seats at the restaurant for those that like to dine-in. The complex that the restaurant is located in offers convenient off-street parking.

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