Tribute Shows at Queensport Tavern

Tribute Shows at Queensport Tavern


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Sat 27 Oct 2018 - Sat 15 Dec 2018

Music and energy blasts out from the stage as the 'Blues Brothers' – aka The Soul Men - belt out classic hits to an appreciative dance floor, rocking to the rhythm in the glow of the stage lights.

A crowd is gathered under the canopy of the outdoor beer garden at the Queensport Tavern for another vibrant night from one of the many tribute bands to play at this historic pub. The setting, within the industrial heart of Hemmant, is not where you may expect to find Brisbane's live music scene but the Queensport Tavern is becoming established as a popular live music venue.

On Saturday nights, the outdoor beer garden plays hosts to tribute bands ranging from Pink, The Blues Brothers, AC DC and a jam-packed Aussie Rock legends night.

A new monthly Pub Rock Choir is an outrageous addition as a warm up to the main act with the audience learning words and dance moves to a popular song to then sing along heartily with the main feature band of the evening. Pub Rock Choir commences at 6pm with the affordable food and bar drinks available before, with the main act commencing usually around 7 to 7.30pm. Children under 18 are admitted it accompanied by an adult.

The Queensport Tavern is unpretentious and has a good earthy feel to its ambience. The crowd for the tribute bands are a broad mix of ages and gender attracted to the music, relaxed style of the pub and the ability to dance away close to the stage. FREE admission and a good value bar and menu make it for an affordable night out compared to some Brisbane bars and clubs with ticketed admission.

Parking is plentiful on the street with the Tavern in close proximity to the Gateway motorway and bridge. There's little risk of worrying the neighbours with its industrial setting. There is accommodation in modern motel style rooms at the adjacent motel.

Full details of the upcoming bands can be found on the Queensport Tavern Facebook page.

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