Tri Nature Products and Presentation

Tri Nature Products and Presentation


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Tri Nature is an award winning, 100% Australian Made & Owned eco-safe company creating natural and cost effective alternatives to everyday cleaning products.

In 1989, Tri Nature was created to bring completely safe and natural solutions for industrial, household and personal care. With a range that can compete with every commercial product available, Tri Nature are the best solution for your family.

Their range includes everything from laundry supplies to animal care. With Tri Nature you can clean every room in the house and even take care of the car. The Tri Nature product range also includes cleaners, creams, washes and more for your body, skin, hair and children.

Many of the products come in concentrate form which allows Tri Nature products to compete with commercial brands and come out ahead in terms of costs. Having been a winner for "Best Eco-Friendly Product" at the Australian Business Awards three times and with countless other awards, you can definitely see why so many people swear by the brand.

All Tri Nature products are developed and manufactured in Australia and are organic products based on natural, plant-based, non-toxic ingredients.

In Tri Nature products, there is no:
• Soap
• SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate)
• Parabens
• Caustic soda
• Chlorine
• Harsh Acids
• Alkalis
• Formaldehyde
• Phosphates
• Nitrates
• Zeolites
• Petrochemical solvents, fillers or extenders

There is also NO animal testing and is labeled as the preferred product of the Choose Cruelty Free organisation. Along with a whole host of excellent features, Tri Nature products are also child safe, ideal even on sensitive skins and safe for use in septic, waste water, grey water and bio cycle systems.

As mentioned in a Tri Nature pamphlet, they "believe that buying gentle products for your family shouldn't mean that you have to compromise on cost or performance" and having tried the products personally, I can certainly stand by that statement. Only using essential oils to fragrance the products, the soft smelling and high performance products make everything from cleaning to stain removing quick and easy while knowing that you are "cleaning without a conscience" and using products safe for all your family and their future.

Being distributed by a group of eco-minded individuals, Tri Nature really is a better choice for our environment and our homes.

Tri Nature Presentation

I was lucky enough to attend an information evening with Tri Nature distributors that educated and informed me about all the misinformation constantly advertised by name-brand companies.

Jo Raydan held the talk and ensured that all information she was transmitting was supported by reliable sources and used the opportunity to discuss the "fuss about chemicals".

The talk was held to be completely informative and not promotional for Tri Nature. The ambassadors and distributors of Tri Nature truly believe in changing your life and the products you use, simply for the health of your family, your household and the planet.

The night began with Jo discussing how she turned to natural, eco-friendly products to treat her children's eczema and nappy rash, after commercial products just weren't working. She has now spent the past 24 years educating herself on the misinformation spread by large name-brand companies but also on what is in our everyday products and how to create a better environment and future for our children and planet.

She methodically took us through the most common myths about household products and how to truly pick the best products for you and your family. Many information booklets and pamphlets were available for your perusal on the night – including a helpful questionnaire that shows you how to quickly determine if the product you are about to buy is harmful to you or the environment.

Jo also discussed the many myths surrounding Sodium Laurel Sulfate, phosphates and even some surrounding all natural soaps found at farmers markets. A fact that was surprising to me was that some farmers market soaps contained caustic soda and had some of the highest pH numbers out of all the soaps tested by Tri Nature's biochemist, Brian McLean. The pH of the skin should remain at around 7 on the pH scale, yet due to many of the farmers market soaps containing caustic soda (which is acidic), the pH level of the soaps ranged between 10-13 which can strip the protective acid mantel layer of the skin and cause rashes.

Concluding the evening, Jo reminded us that the information given was not meant to be seen as a scare tactic or advertising for Tri Nature but merely as an educational evening that will give you the material needed to make an informed decision about your everyday products.

If you would like more information about Tri Nature or even some advice, you can visit Jo's Facebook Page: Gentle Safe Green Jo Jo's Tri Nature (

She will also be at the Mentone Primary School Vintage Twilight Fair on the 6th of November, holding a stall. Make sure if you have any questions – or would like her to conduct the talk for you, family or a group – you can contact Jo on her Facebook page.

(Please note: despite being invited by Tri Nature and Jo, to attend the talk, all aforementioned opinions were developed solitarily and only after having used the products, informing myself of Tri Nature and attending the talk.)

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