Trekking the Dolomites

Trekking the Dolomites


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What is better than a refreshing weekend up to the mountains?

First of all, anyone should stop over Poffabro, a magical town which caught my heart at the first sight. Silence, peace, nature and the noise of water are sovereign this corner and its tourists come from the Netherlands, France and Germany.

Poffabro is 525 m on the sea level and it is considered one of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy. Characteristic houses with galleries and a simple architecture made by stones still give a hint of fantasy and the surreal.

Then you could proceed towards the close Andreis, a town you can easily reach from the road through a rocked staircase, until you
see the mountains appearing in front of you.

These towns are quite small, as Poffabro counts 700 inhabitants and Andreis 282, but, as I am curious I always look at the car plaques and to my surprise I have noticed lots of people from Belgium and France having their residence here. To be honest, that instilled a little joy in me and a bit of pride as well.

You can continue the promenade in the town centre, kindled by a colourful representation of a city with two guest characters put together: a Ferrari and a giraffe watching a mass of people flocking to some kind of celebration.

Beyond that, you follow a cobblestone path which leads, after a half an hour march, to the antique church. The most recent inscription goes back to 1727!

Barcis, instead, is famous for its artificial lake and the tourist itinerary that runs along it. You would encounter people having pic-nicks, barbeques and relaxing by fishing. Moreover, there is an equipped area for campers and caravans, as well as kids playgrounds, sailing points and popular restaurants on the shores.

A red miniature train designed for the little ones will take the family around in the surrounding forests and nature. Indeed, all the valleys which host those populated gems are rich in waters, springs, cascades, creeks and rivers. Therefore, wild boars, game, dragonflies, butterflies and all delicate species are living in those pristine environments.

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