Treasure Teachings - Clifton School of Arts

Treasure Teachings - Clifton School of Arts


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Fri 09 Dec 2022 - Sun 11 Dec 2022

A photography exhibition, Treasure Teachings, is being held at the Clifton School of Arts, Clifton, NSW from 9 December to 11 December 2022. Friday night, which is launch night, starts at 5pm through to 9pm, Saturday 12noon to 8pm and Sunday 12noon to 5pm. This exhibition features photographs taken by James Kates, a Wollongong resident who has a passion for the art of photography.

James is exhibiting ten handprinted and framed works over the three days and they are available for purchase. He has more of his photography on his Instagram page as well.

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing James about his impressive collection of work and his upcoming photography exhibition.Is this your first exhibition?I've done a handful of small exhibits but this is the first one in a somewhat of a professional setting.[BREAK]What drew you to photography? I'd often be compelled to capture some kind of memento from the wild things I'd see in and around the ocean. [BREAK]You have photos of surfers, and you mention the ocean inspires you, so do you surf?Yeah, I used to be a sponsored bodyboarder and travelled a bunch filming for bodyboarding films. I'm still in the water most days if I'm not filming or taking pictures.[BREAK]How long have you been interested in photography? It's been a hobby forever but I've only really started to make photography a regular practice since the first covid lockdowns. [BREAK]Do you only do B&W?I use whatever I can get my hands on, I'm a fan of variety and the element of chance when it comes to acquiring film and cameras.

Is this a hobby or will you make a career of this? I think I could make it a career if I really sunk my teeth into it for a few more years. I've got a lot of interests outside of photography so time will tell. [BREAK]What inspires your art? I'm inspired by some kind of attempt at capturing those transcendent moments when immersed in nature. [BREAK]Does nature always feature in your photography? Not always, I've been shooting the Steel Works quite a bit of late and often awestruck at how some of the structures transform in different lighting and weather conditions.[BREAK]Tell me a little more about yourself. I'm 35. I live in Port Kembla. I pay the bills as a freelance water videographer, I play the drums in a few local bands and am currently obsessed with my garden.

I'd like to thank James for his time and wish him well with this exhibition at the Clifton School of Arts. If you have a passion for photography like James does, then go along to his exhibition and have a chat, he will be happy to talk about your shared interest. This is a free event and the ten photographs are for sale.

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