Trattoria Paradiso Restaurant

Trattoria Paradiso Restaurant


Posted 2013-12-31 by Marta Pinfollow
Trattoria al Paradiso (Ostarie al Paradis in the local dialect) is the perfect place for your Christmas or celebrations dinners. I passed four hours here on Christmas Day and I was surprisingly impressed by all this magnificence, at just for 60 Euro per person. I was expecting a simple and small place, because a usual Trattoria is a simple and rustic restaurant, essentially furnished, but, actually, that was a fabulous one. It was all booked and my family and I were accommodated in a tiny elegant room, with other four little groups next to us.

In front of our table there was this Christmas tree decorated by glass hearts and geometric shapes, and the bench was embellished with a candle and a tall deer candle-holder.

I was enchanted by the ceiling: little crystal pendants of hearts and trees were flowing in the air, hung to the wooden beams.

Moreover, hearts recurring theme was found in the rocked walls, this time adorned by soft curtains under a flowered wrought iron wheel.

On the table this sweet snowy doll was spreading warmth aided by a red pine cone and other candles and the golden design of the tablecloth. As you can see, wine glasses were aligned in front of everyone.

I asked if I could go around and when the accomplished staff agreed, I discovered other five wonderful dining rooms. One was larger than the others and it had a huge fire log in the middle of it; straight away there was a snug and cosy lounge, and in the opposite way, a mirrored room that was improving the lighting and put the customers at their ease. I did not take pictures because there were too many people and I did not want to bother them too much.

A bigger hall was located behind our section, separated by a glass window and a short corridor.

The food was exquisite. First, we had been greeted with a welcome cocktail and then served with seven courses. My favourite had been the crème brule' with Montasio cheese, pears and walnuts. It was just superb; the combo of cheese and walnuts is always a safe choice. The disposition of the plate was immaculate and quite effective.

A delicate velvet sauce with capon followed, and the risotto with Jerusalem artichoke and bacon chips came after. Simply delicious! I really appreciated the light taste of the bacon. It was not so rich and this one did not ruin the whole mixture of the other ingredients.

Going straight to the dessert, which I had twice, I can show you this chunk of chocolate mud cake served with a white chocolate snowflake on the top and garnished with red-berries cream, aside a scoop of plain gelato and a cocoa star of sponge cake.

Vegan Menu.**

I would like to praise the chefs for being able to keep up with my sister's high expectations of a vegan dinner. She usually finds it very difficult to have a meal she likes in a restaurant. We were a little worried because this restaurant specialised in cooking game as well!

So, the master cooks substituted the cheese dishes with cooked radicchio in a green sauce, the capon velvet sauce with beans and chestnuts cream and they just took the crispy bacon chips out from her risotto serving.

She also had a personal dessert, not the predictable fruits, but a citrus fruit sorbet served in a glass small cup.

Wine was indeed largely present. Bottles of Prosecco (sparkling wine), Merlot (red wine),Tocai and Verduzzo (white wines) were following one another.

We finished with a deserved coffee and with a picture of the supervisor waitress, whose dress arouse my curiosity. A curl up shirt, a red and dark green apron-dress and the long dress with a sparkle of roses embroidered on the chest reminded me a Sud-Tirol woman.

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