Trash Humpers - Film Review

Trash Humpers - Film Review


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Brought to you by the oddball mind of visionary director, Harmony Korine, we closely follow the exploits of an anti social elderly group, from Nashville, Tennessee. Prepare to watch in awe, as this twisted troupe embarks on a bizarre rampage of agitated, trash violating behavior.

Trash Humpers may not serve a coherent storyline, nor does it have much of a budget, but what this feature does hold, is one of the most amorous tributes to the ever-loving VHS generation. Here are the days of HD and surround sound, in a time where most things appear nice and polished off, whilst the grimy footage is often swept under the rug. But Harmony Korine is still gleefully bringing us back to basics, and this time, with more of a bite than ever.

This is essentially what you could find on an unlabelled videocassette, whether it's at a garage sale, op shop, or landfill. But with Harmony at the helm, we're also presented with this added twist of social commentary, a gloomy, and often hilarious gaze, into a deeply fragmented modern community.

Your average moviegoers can easily overlook the vast intelligence of this feature; as with much of modern cinema, where subtlety is barely a virtue. I am not referring to subtlety in regards to someone sexuality assaulting a rubbish bin or smashing in a TV; but for what is underlining all of this perverse ugliness, and for what Harmony Korine is trying to show us.

In less then ninety minutes we witness our nostalgia played out like a violin. We are used as a more delicate instrument at first, but then we get the past the opening credits. As this film progresses, our nostalgia for VHS is soon warped, and our violin, unsuspectingly spat and stomped upon; as each of us are glued into these repulsive, and somewhat hypnotizing images. All in all Trash Humpers is true bondage for our vision, a monstrous fiend of a dominatrix who whips our eyes into submission; they do bleed, but oh boy do we love it.

If you thought Harmony's previous films were strange, then you may want a drink. Actually, that might make things worse…


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