Trapt Escape Room and Bar

Trapt Escape Room and Bar


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brings great promise to a fun night out in the Melbourne CBD.

The concept is as follows; you've 45 minutes with your friends to escape from a room in which you are placed. These rooms vary in theme from Wonderland - an Alice in Wonderland themed affair - to Biohazard, a room that'd satisfy those who've seen sci fi flicks many times and wish to create the 'quick run!' moment in real life.

Then, there is of course the prison break room. This is largely self-explanatory but the amount of cheeky humour you can get away with while inside 'shame this prison doesn't have Elvis OR Johnny Cash playing here!' - is altogether worth the price of admission. Lastly, there is Transylvania. For those that have been Dracula countless times and wish to pull off an escape from a Vampire themed room; this is surely the pick for you.

While each room differs in style and tasks, each have a similar consistency of puzzles and fun design about them to ensure folks very much get into the spirit of the occasion and enjoy their visit.

With this, alongside fun for friends one night in the city, Trapt also usefully serves as a venue for business and corporate outings; giving you a chance to team build and buddy up with the gang from HR alongside your boss in seeking to solve some nifty puzzles.

Alongside the rooms, Trapt also features a fully stocked bar. True for those that would come to drink exclusively they may find themselves happiest in a bar solely dedicated to such a aim - if only because like sitting on the sand at the beach you'll feel your missing out on something - it is an option for those that may be coming along to catch the tail-end of some friends exploits.

All up, Trapt is a cool and quirky concept - but one very much worth a try. If yet to, why not sign up to get locked up? - Then begin to plan your escape from Trapt Melbourne.

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