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Posted 2018-10-05 by Nessa123follow
Long before Freddy versed Jason in 2003, they teamed up together with Leatherface back in 1989 to stalk and attack a beautiful young lady in the movie Transylvania Twist!

The movie is titled after the less popular musical piece of the same name by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and The Crypt-Kickers, which was released alongside the more popular Monster Mash song.

Directed by Jim Wynorski (Not Of This Earth and Fire From Below) who co-wrote the script with the late R.J. Robertson (The Haunting Of Morello and Dreamscape), this horror-comedy is absolutely made for horror fans and is a must see for all who have a passion for the genre.

With hilarious references, cameos and easter eggs to some of the greatest horror films, actors and characters of the past, the main story of this film is about Dexter Ward, played by Steve Altman (Hellgig and A Doggone Christmas), who is tasked with finding The Book of Ulthar, a book of great power capable of unleashing terrible evil in the wrong hands. When The Book of Ulthar is accidentally checked out of a library, Dexter meets a beautiful, young pop star named Marissa Orlock, played by Teri Copley (Brain Donors and Quantum Leap) and together they travel to Transylvania where all kinds of hilarity breaks loose.

If you were to make a drinking game out of all the references in this film you'd never survive, with appearances from such characters as Victor Van Helsing, played by Ace Mask (The Bold & The Beautiful and The Return Of Swamp Thing) and Kyle Malak (Gunplay and Rule Of Circle) in his younger years, The Tall Man, played by the late Angus Scrimm (Phantasm and John Dies At The End), Pinhead, played by Dean Jones (X-Men: First Class and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and even the late, great Boris Karloff as himself making an appearance 20 years after his death, though the magic of archival footage!

I absolutely love this film, with its star-studded cast, incredible sets, costumes and jokes galore, which are very much targeted to horror fans of all kinds with references to everything from the old black and white classics, all the way through to the more popular horror films of the 1980's. It really does have something for everyone.

Transylvania Twist is rated PG as parental guidance is advised.


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