Torrisi's Delights, Strathpine

Torrisi's Delights, Strathpine


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Immerse yourself in Torrisi Delight's world of impeccable pastries, where each bite transports you to a realm of tantalizing flavours and exquisite sensations. Divine sweets like rum baba, fabulous cornetti, melting-in-mouth fruit and lemon tartlets, captivating cannoli and blissful zeppole di San Giuseppe are just a few. Irresistible arancini, rich layered lasagne, every creation from Massimo and his skilled artisans is a testament to the enchanting artistry of Mediterranean cuisine.

In the vibrant suburb of Strathpine, you find the charming Torrisi’s café and patisserie. Located on Lincoln Street, this hidden gem beckons you with its unassuming facade, tucked away amidst a row of small shops and businesses. As you approach, you'll notice a small outdoor seating area, inviting you to take a moment to indulge in the delights that lie within.

Stepping through the door, you are instantly greeted by the welcoming sounds of chatting and lively conversation. The rhythm of Italian dialogue fills the air, as Massimo and Ivana, the warm-hearted owners, personally welcome you within their sanctuary of Italian delights. The dedicated staff, fluent in the language of passion and culinary art, ensure your visit is an unforgettable experience.

Massimo and Ivana have journeyed all the way from their home in Sicily to Brisbane, driven by a passion for sharing the authentic flavours and traditions of Italian cuisine. Their commitment to authenticity is evident from preparing every single delight from scratch to the family recipes that have been passed down for generations.

The Coffee Experience

The attentive staff surround you, ready to guide your coffee exploration. Their deep knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for their craft fuel their desire to ensure every customer has an exceptional experience. Each brew, whether it be a perfectly balanced espresso or a meticulously crafted latte art masterpiece, is carefully prepared to evoke a sense of delight with every sip.

Inside the cafe, an alluring room beckons with its azure-hued walls, creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere. Cosy tables and chairs fill the space, inviting you to linger over aromatic cups of coffee, savour delectable local fare, and engage in lively conversation with friends. This intimate setting offers the perfect backdrop to relish the pleasures of the moment in pure contentment.

Drawing your attention to the heart of the cafe, your eyes are captivated by the gleaming espresso machine and meticulously arranged rows of coffee beans. Within this sanctuary of coffee craftsmanship, skilled baristas transform each carefully sourced bean from the renowned Merlo roastery into a symphony of flavours, awakening your senses to the true essence of coffee perfection.

Driven by an uncompromising commitment to quality, Torrisi's Delights sources the best coffee beans from the renowned Merlo, which they then meticulously craft into sublime brews that captivate the senses of discerning customers.

The Torrisi's Delights

But the journey of sensory delight ventures beyond the realm of coffee. Your gaze is inevitably drawn towards the glass case, where an enticing display of pastries and cakes awaits. The cannoli, with their luscious, silky fillings, beckon you to indulge in their sweet embrace. The zeppole di San Giuseppe, delicately fried to perfection, invites you to experience the bliss of their scrumptious flavours. And the array of moist, creamy, and intricately crafted cakes tempt you, their artistry showcased through every single design and texture. Torciglioni are a delightful Italian pastry, spiralled treats, with a melody of flavours. Sfogliatelle resembles seashells, made up of flaky, featuring a paper-thin layer of pastry, painstakingly folded, creating a mesmerizing texture that shatters with the gentlest bite. Cornetti, the Italian Crescent Moon's, baked to perfection for a soft interior filled with decadent creams. Millefoglie, known as the beloved vanilla slice, is an Italian confectionary masterpiece. Torrisi’s millefoglie is made up of ethereal layers of golden puff pastry separated by sublime custard cream. It takes the slightest touch to indulge in this desert that is the epitome of decadence, a pastry so sublime it borders on the transcendent. The marriage of the soft brioche and the icy, flavourful granita represents a quintessential taste of Sicilian culinary tradition, a harmonious blend of textures and flavours that is utterly unique to Sicily.

Indulge in Torrisi's mouthwatering fruit tartlets - vessels brimming with luscious cream and vibrant seasonal fruits, designed to awaken all your senses with their irresistible allure.

Bomboloni have humble origins as fried dough and subsequent evolution into an artisanal delicacy, bomboloni have become an integral part of Italy's vibrant cafe culture and beloved culinary traditions. Indulge in Torrisi's extraordinary gluten-free biscuits, bursting with the rich, nutty flavours of pistachios, almonds, and macadamia nuts. These decadent treats offer a truly surreal sensory experience, with each bite melting in the mouth to reveal layer upon layer of deeply satisfying, complex tastes. Whether enjoyed as a snack or as an accompaniment to tea, Torrisi's artisanal biscuits are a testament to the culinary magic that can be achieved through the skilful blending of exceptional, dairy-free ingredients. Torta al pistacchio is a rich, decadent cake that showcases the distinctive, aromatic flavour of Italian pistachios. At its core, this indulgent dessert features layers of moist, sponge cake that are sandwiched together with a silky, pistachio cream filling.

Bomboloni filled with Nutella and pistachio cream, a real decadent treat.

Authentic Italian Fare Takes Center Stage in Brisbane

What sets Torrisi's Delights apart from the mosaic of cafes and patisseries lies in the soulful dedication to tradition. Each day, in the workshop nestled at the back of the café, Massimo and his skilled team embark on a culinary journey. Armed with treasured recipes passed down through generations, they meticulously prepare and bake Italian delicacies from scratch. Flour meticulously selected for its premium quality creates perfectly textured creations, ensuring that each bite transports you to the beautiful island of Sicily.

The granita Siciliana is meticulously crafted using real fruits and paired up with fresh brioche.

Honouring a Century of Culinary Craftsmanship: Torrisi's Signature Pizza Fritta

Among the cherished specialties that adorn the menu, the celebrated "pizza fritta" takes centre stage. Originating from Zafferana Etnea, a picturesque town nestled in the shadow of the mighty Etna volcano, this remarkable dish was born from the culinary prowess of Donna Peppina. In 1924, her ingenious creation brought together a delicate pastry filled with local cheese, anchovies and black pepper, folded into a calzone-like shape before being lovingly fried to perfection. Today, Torrisi's continues this tradition with their own spin on the pizza fritta, offering a delectable array of fillings that tantalize the taste buds and pay homage to the dish's storied origins.

As the pizza fritta celebrates its 100th year gracing Torrisi's menu, it becomes a momentous occasion that demands celebration. The rich medley of flavours, the delicate crunch of the pastry, and the satisfaction that comes from partaking in culinary heritage can be savoured at Torrisi's Strathpine location.

The iconic Sicilian pizza fritta celebrates its centennial, there's no better way to indulge than Torrisi's masterful rendition, crafted with a special dough, filled with an array of tantalizing ingredients and cooked it to perfection.

A Decadent Homage to Sicilian Tradition

Torrisi's Delights takes pride in a plethora of tantalizing specialties, each one a testament to its dedication to culinary excellence. Among the stars of their pastry collection are the renowned Sicilian cannoli in delightful flavours and rum baba.

The Sicilian cannoli are known the world over, and Torrisi's cannoli are crafted with an unwavering commitment to authenticity. Inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean's beautiful island, every cannolo is lovingly prepared, offering the opportunity to embark on a culinary journey that awakens the senses and transports one to the sun-soaked shores of Sicily. Crispy, golden shells embrace sumptuous fillings of ricotta, vanilla, chocolate and pistachio, allowing the taste buds to revel in the luscious combination of sweet, creamy goodness.

Mmm... cannoli.

Torrisi's Rum Baba, a Masterpiece of Pastry and Spirit

The rum baba, an epitome of pastry perfection, is meticulously crafted using special flours that possess the unique ability to absorb the exquisite essence of rum. Through this careful process, Torrisi's artisan skills bring forth a dessert that is nothing short of divine. With each delectable bite, the flavours harmonize, creating a symphony that dances on the taste buds, leaving behind an indelible memory.

Soft baba, soaked in fragrant rum syrup and crowned with lush, whipped cream - an indulgent delight for the senses.

The Zeppole di San Giuseppe's Eternal Allure

Torrisi's repertoire also features the ever-popular zeppole di San Giuseppe. These delightful treats have graced the tables of central and southern Italy for centuries, becoming synonymous with celebration and joy. Traditionally enjoyed on Father's Day, these golden curls of pastry perfection have now found their place in year-round indulgence.

Crafted from simple yet captivating ingredients, Torrisi's zeppole is baked to a golden perfection. Once cooled, they are lovingly filled with velvety cream, their delicate shape mirroring the curl of a smile upon one's lips. To elevate their splendour, a drizzle of honey lovingly envelops each zeppola, enhancing the already irresistible sweetness, and making every bite a heavenly moment to be savoured.

Zeppole are a traditional Italian pastry with origins tracing back to the Campania region of southern Italy, particularly the city of Naples. Today, zeppole remains a beloved regional delicacy of Campania and Naples, though their popularity has expanded globally.

Spheres of Culinary Splendour

Within the culinary realm of Torrisi Delight's kitchen, hidden treasures await that simply cannot be missed. Among them, the delightful arancini are superb, their golden spheres of rice, lovingly filled with essential fresh ingredients, become a culinary masterpiece. Each arancino captivates the palate with its unique blend of ricotta and spinach, Bolognese, pumpkin, aubergines or mushrooms, a symphony of flavours that harmonize within the velvety grains of rice.

The process begins by expertly moulding the rice into a ball, delicately encasing the flavourful filling. The arancini are then lovingly coated in a fine special breadcrumb blend, carefully selected to ensure a crisp and delicate exterior. Submerged in hot oil, these golden orbs undergo a culinary metamorphosis, emerging as a symphony of flavours and textures that delight the senses.

My goodness... spinach and ricotta arancino.

At Torrisi's Delights, the extraordinary arancini Bolognese are crafted with utmost care and meticulously shaped to resemble the majestic shape of the renowned Etna volcano. Like miniature mountains, these delectable arancini capture the essence of Sicily's iconic landmark. Indulge in this edible tribute and allow the arancini to ignite your senses for gastronomy that rivals the fiery majesty of Etna itself.

But what makes these arancini truly extraordinary is their remarkable nature. Imbued with a delicate lightness, they become a welcome addition to any lunch or can be savoured as a delicious and healthy snack to satisfy the soul.

The distinctive, golden-hued Bolognese arancini are crafted to evoke the towering, conical shape of Mount Etna, Sicily's iconic volcano, which has shaped the landscape and culture of the island for millennia.

Focaccia, Irresistible Flat Bread

The renowned Torrisi's Delights has recently added the celebrated focaccia to its menu. Fragrant with the aromatic flavours of caramelized onions and fresh rosemary, this versatile Italian flatbread beckons with its rustic charm and irresistible Savor. Focaccia can be eaten on its own or used as the foundation for delectable sandwiches filled with ham, cheeses, and other favourite ingredients. Whether enjoyed as a snack or as part of a more substantial meal, the focaccia from Torrisi's Delights is sure to delight the senses with its crisp exterior, soft interior, and robust flavours.

Focaccia is an Italian flatbread made of flour, yeast, olive oil, and salt. This ancient food likely originated in the city of Genoa, located in the Liguria region, during the Middle Ages. Focaccia is commonly enjoyed as a snack, side dish, or as the base for sandwiches, and remains a beloved staple across Italy to this day.

The selection process of the workers within Torrisi kitchen is truly a testament to Massimo’s unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for the Italian culinary arts. The diligent helpers are handpicked by Massimo himself. His unwavering personal ethic revolves around seeking out individuals who possess a fiery passion for mastering the art of culinary perfection. Each member of his team is carefully chosen, ensuring that their dedication and love for the craft align harmoniously with the pursuit of creating the finest food imaginable.

Massimo with a freshly crafted batch of baba, a delicate, boozy pastry prized for its light, moist texture and rich, flavourful qualities.

Brisbane Emerges as a Premier Destination for Authentic Italian Food

In the ever-evolving landscape of gastronomy, one cannot help but notice the blossoming emergence of Brisbane as a haven of Italian flavours. It is worth acknowledging that this vibrant city has embraced the essence of Italian cuisine with such fervour and dedication, that it stands poised to rival even the culinary capitals of Sydney and Canberra.

Brisbane's ascent as a burgeoning epicentre of Italian flavours is a testament to the city's diverse and discerning palate, as well as its embrace of cultural diversity. In particular, Torrisi's Delights, each passing day, is enriching the culinary landscape by the authentic and tantalizing offerings of genuine Italian food, cherishing and bringing to life Italian traditions. Torrisi's Delights is a sanctuary where one can experience the true essence of authentic Italian cuisine.

The authenticity that Torrisi Delights brings to its offerings not only showcases the culinary prowess of Italy but also serves as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of our world. Through the dedication to preserving Italian recipes passed down through generations, Torrisi's Delights becomes a conduit for cultural exchange, fostering understanding and appreciation for the rich mosaic of human experience.

The charming town of Etnea Zafferana provides a refreshing respite from the summer heat. Dotted with cafe tables and chairs, Umberto I Square invites visitors to linger over slices of iconic Sicilian pizza and soak in the ambience of this picturesque mountain town. Photo from

Ulterior motive

Gather your family and friends, for Torrisi’s Delights, is a place that radiates warmth and invites you to celebrate life's precious moments. Booking is possible, ensuring that your experience is seamless from the moment you step through the door.

Torrisi's Delights not only excels in delivering unforgettable dining experiences but also extends their expertise to catering, allowing you to elevate special occasions to new heights. Let their meticulously crafted pastries, cakes, and savoury creations become the centrepiece of your events, impressing both the discerning palates and the appreciative hearts of all in attendance.

For an unforgettable surprise, allow your loved ones to revel in a box brimming with delectable Italian pastries and irresistible cornetti, which encapsulate the dedication and skill woven into every creation. With each bite, an orchestra of flavours awakens the senses, leaving a lasting impression that lingers in the minds of all who partake.

Consult with Massimo and Ivana or with the expert catering staff to plan remarkable celebrations featuring sumptuous cakes and exceptional cuisine.

Torrisi's Delight is in Strathpine, Half line, Shop 3/8 Lincoln St, Strathpine QLD 4500

Business Hours:
Friday 8:30am–4pm
Saturday 8:30am–4pm
Sunday 8:30am–2pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 8:30am–4pm
Thursday 8:30am–4pm

Phone: (07) 3419 0373

Torrisi's Delights has also a new shop in Windsor, 25 Eildon Rd, Windsor QLD 4030.


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