A Brief Tour in Toronto CBD

A Brief Tour in Toronto CBD


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Travelling to Toronto in winter for the first time from Vancouver, BC, we were totally unprepared for the weather (and hence underdressed). At the time of travelling, the temperatures in both cities were similar, but they feel so different. -4 °C in Vancouver is mild, but in Toronto, it's frigid.

Hence, you would find this journal rather limiting in terms of landmarks visited as we did not spend much time outdoors.
Coming from the Airport**If you are coming from the airport (Pearson), the UP Express will effortlessly take you downtown within 25 minutes. Though the fare is $13 CAD.
Getting Around**Getting around Toronto CBD is easy and the area is highly accessible thanks to the TTC (the local metro system) and their Streetcars (which are essentially the lightrail system). The Presto card would be the way to go, giving you access to the GO Train (the "suburbs/regional train"), the TTC, buses and streetcars. As a note, the Presto card comes with a non-refundable $6 fee

To use the TTC, it would be advisable if you get yourself a day pass if you see yourself using it a lot throughout the day. Like certain transit systems in Australia, TTC offers commuters a free ride if the next journey is taken within an hour.We were yet to try out their buses and streetcars so I could not comment on that.

Queen's ParkStarting off the trip, we first visited Queen's Park. The area is well served by the TTC (the local metro system) and you would get off at "Queen's Park" station for this landmark.Queen's Park is where the Legislative Assembly of Ontario is located, in which the King Edward VII Statue is also erected.

University of Toronto
Located next to Queen's Park is the University of Toronto. Established in the 1800s, it has a collection of historical buildings which makes it a cool spot for photography and for those who have an interest in history.

Royal Ontario MuseumThe Royal Ontario Museum is just an easy 5-minute walk away from the University of Toronto, with the nearest TTC station being "Museum". This museum features art, world culture and natural history. What attracts me most though, was the architecture. The exterior has a contemporary design that stands out from the buildings nearby.

"Enjoy the Clouds"A journey in Toronto would not be complete without spending some time on the CN Tower. Well, that is if everything goes right.

For us though, it was a bit of a misfortune. On the day we went up, it was cloudy so visibility was basically 0. We had no other choice because we pre-booked our tickets. The staff offered to reschedule the ticket but that wasn't an option due to our flight leaving that evening. On the bright side, there was no queue for the lifts and security check and we reached the top in no time.

Final ThoughtsBeing underdressed for the weather, we certainly did not enjoy as much as we would have should we had dressed accordingly. However, this did not stop us from appreciating what the city has to offer.We definitely plan to give this city another go, as well as Niagara Falls in the warmer months. See you again!

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