Top 10 Unusual Things to do in Sydney

Top 10 Unusual Things to do in Sydney


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Sydney's tourist attractions are fun for newcomers, but savvy Sydneysiders and walk a different path.

Have out-of-the-ordinary fun with your friends at Sydney's hidden delights:

  • Bury the Hatchet
  • In the real world, axes are practical tools for felling trees and chopping blocks of wood at the Easter Show but in the movies, action heroes use them as projectile weapons to stop monsters, dinosaurs, zombies and demons.

    Prepare for the apocalypse and the army of the walking dead at Maniax at 75 Mary St, St Peters, learning to throw axes, guided by experts to master this ancient skill.
  • Study a shipwreck
  • While the HMS Titanic rests at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, Sydney's own shipwrecks entice scuba divers into their rusting hulks, home to fish, crabs and the occasional shark.

    One shipwreck, the SS Ayrfield, still sticks its head above the surface at Wentworth Point as green shoots of native plant life engulf it. Marvel at the striking vessel which won't leave port anytime soon.

  • Museum of Human Disease
  • Your local GP can prescribe antibiotics and Dr. Google can worsen your hypochondria, the but this Museum of Human Disease at the University of NSW will expose your worst medical fears.

    See the most exotic, obscure and mystifying diseases we hope never to contract, from brain tumours to cancer. Study the actual specimens, exhibits and graphs to learn about the medical breakthroughs led by Australia's pioneering researchers, aided by history's bravest patients.

    It's enough to make the doctors on Embarrassing Bodies blush. Afterwards, "Have a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down."

  • Have an Aboriginal experience
  • In the heart of the Rocks, the harbour was transformed when the First Fleet sailed into view but what was life like before they stepped ashore?

    Led by Aboriginal guides , you'll learn about the legends and beliefs, customs, culture and lifestyles of native aboriginals, including delicious tastings of kangaroo, emu and crocodile.

  • Enjoy Caribbean at the Momofuku
  • The top-rated Seiobo Momofuku restaurant in Darling Harbour is a travelling adventure for the taste buds with beverages from every continent.

    Sip on cider and sake, sherry and scotch.

    The food is a global celebration, with caviar and crackers, jerk-spiced chicken with lime, crab and cassava.
  • Roll to victory with Lawn Bowls
  • You don't need a seniors card to master this sedate ball sport. Many of our RSLs and bowling clubs are in some of Sydney's prime pleasure spots. Enjoy idyllic views and modern amenities and unlike golf, you won't lose your ball in a river.

    After a few rounds of hitting the white jack, retire to the bar the best-priced pub lunch, on-tap beers in the neighbourhood. Join a bingo game to win a meat tray for a weekend barbecue.

    If you're keen on lawn bowls Olympic glory, study a champion, Mick Molloy, in his comedic guide to the sport, Crackerjack .
  • Walk in Brett Whiteley's harbourside garden
  • With spectacular views of the Harbour Bridge, this native oasis in Lavender Bay is lively, with kookaburras, parrots and owls chirping in the branches of fig and eucalyptus trees.

    Follow the enchanting trails to the water's edge, finding your creativity spark paint a masterpiece for exhibition at the next Archibald Prize in the nearby Art Gallery of NSW.
  • Sail on the Harbour
  • It's easy enough to board a ferry or cruise ship to gaze with envy at the city's harbourside mansions. Row your own boat and pilot a kayak instead.

    Paddle through the city's creeks and rivers, discovering secluded coves and building sand castles on secret beaches, beyond the reach of hikers and cyclists.

  • Stay in a beach house
  • Save yourself from a long drive to escape Sydney, and stay in a luxurious beachside cabin in Bundeena.

    On a sun, surf and beach weekend, hit the local markets and hike in the Royal National Park.

    Stroll to Cronulla to take selfies with the local Sharks rugby league players as pound up the towering sand dunes during a training session, then sample fresh seafood at the top-rated restaurants and cafes along the Shire boardwalk.
  • Take a Good Walk
  • A 19th-century freight train corridor has been transformed into the Goods Line , a shared green space for pedestrians to walk from Ultimo to Darling Harbour.

    Relax on a stroll through the park's features, including table tennis, an amphitheatre hosting outdoor film screenings, children's play areas and picnic spots shaded by fig trees.
    What's been your most unusual (and enjoyable) experience in Sydney? Please let us know with a comment.

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