Top Tips for Staying Fit

Top Tips for Staying Fit


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We all know that physical activity is good for us. In spite of this, it can sometimes be hard to stay motivated to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Here are a few ways to help keep you feeling inspired and enthused about exercise.

1) Find something you love to do

There are so many forms of exercise to choose from that it is pointless doing something you dislike. If you're not enjoying yourself why bother? There are countless exercise classes you can go to, from Pilates and yoga, to body pump, RPM and TRX. Or perhaps you would like to sign up for a team sport such as softball, volleyball or soccer. Alternatively, if you prefer exercising by yourself you could hit the treadmills or go for an early morning run around the block. If you're looking for something different, think outside the box. Why not try out a fencing class?

The secret is to find something that works for you. Consider your physical and mental strengths and weaknesses and create a training plan that brings out the best in you. I get bored easily so I change my routine regularly. There is no need to do anything that you find boring or unsatisfying. And remember just because something works for your best friend or partner doesn't necessarily mean that it should work for you.

2) Just do it

Even when you really, really, really don't feel like breaking a sweat just get out there and do it. I have never, ever walked out of a session regretting my decision to work out. I have however felt remorse about deciding not to exercise. Although you can think of a zillion reasons not to, it is worth just showing up even if you don't max yourself out.

There are always going to be workouts where you feel like you haven't given it your all, but with time those moments should be few and far between. It's about creating habits. Even people that absolutely love to exercise sometimes feel like skipping a session. Don't feel bad about not wanting to work out now and then, instead just do it and feel good about what you have achieved.

3) Schedule it

Yes, you may be super busy but there is always time to train. The great thing about exercise is that it actually gives you more energy, thereby creating more time in your day to do things. I find that days I work out are far more productive than days I don't. Figure out a time that works for you and your lifestyle and carve it out in stone. Don't let anything interfere with that time you have made for yourself and your wellbeing. If you make a standing commitment with yourself, you will hopefully find it harder to break. Identify your priorities and stick to them no matter what.

4) Set a Goal

Setting goals can help you stay focussed and motivated to train consistently. Try setting a big goal such as training for a race or event. Then formulate a plan to achieve that with lots of little goals. Remember to be practical about what you're aiming for. Unrealistic expectations only lead to disappointment.

You can achieve anything you want. Just remember to do it in steps. You could also set goals like achieving a particular weight or fitness level. It all depends on what works for you. If something isn't working don't give up, simply change or alter your plan of action. Success is simply the result of all those little mistakes that we have learned from.

5) Change the Way You Think

Exercise isn't a luxury. I think it's as important as eating, sleeping and even breathing. The quality of all of these things is an essential part of maintaining optimal health and welbeing. If exercise is something that you continually put off or replace with other things, maybe you need to reconsider what's most important to you.

We don't all have to be gym junkies, but it has been proven that some exercise every week maintains a healthy weight and reduces risks of health complications. The number, duration and intensity of your training sessions every week are a personal decision that should reflect your fitness level, lifestyle and personal preference. Approach exercise in a positive way and make it work for you.

Happy Exercising!

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