Top Tips for Better Organisation

Top Tips for Better Organisation


Posted 2014-01-10 by Amber Danzfollow
Are you an unorganised person? Do you find yourself getting stressed, or forgetting about appointments? Do you want to be more organised and have more control over your life?

These top tips for staying organised will help you to have the best organisational skills and to stay on top of all of your daily tasks.

Writing lists is the number one tip that I could give for anyone wanting to be more organised. Whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly lists that you write, this is the best way to stay organised with numerous tasks and goals that you may want to achieve.

Write list for things you need to buy, lists for things that need to be done, list goals that you want to achieve, write weekly shopping lists, or lists places you want to visit this year. The possibilities for lists are endless, and they are the perfect way to make sure you manage your time, achieve goals, don't forget things, and keep up with daily tasks.

This is the second most important tip to having an organised life. You can either buy a yearly calendar, or draw up weekly or monthly calendars depending on how much you wish to write on these calendars. Calendars are great for keeping track of appointments and important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and due dates for work.

They are also useful to look back on to see previous appointments such as when you last had a haircut, or dentist appointment. Phone calendars are useful however always keep a written copy so that in the event of a technology failure, or a lost or stolen phone, you will be able to keep on track with appointments.

It is a good idea to put your calendar somewhere where visitors won't see it, as you may not want them viewing all of your appointments and daily activities. Stick a calendar inside a cupboard so that only you can view it. This also helps to de-clutter your house as things are hidden away.

Make use of an appointment diary. A small diary that can be carried with you at all times is particularly useful. It allows you to add information to your schedule and also provides you with a notebook to write to do lists and goals.

Set yourself goals and timelines for these goals. Goals such as healthy eating goals, exercise regimes, and career goals. If you make a list of the steps that you will take each day towards achieving these goals, the whole goal will be easier to achieve.

For example go for a half hour walk, each day, then make these walks longer, or turn them into runs as time progresses. This will help you to organise your fitness schedule.

These are just some of my tips for being better organised, achieving goals and staying on top of appointments. What are your tips for staying organised? I would love to hear more tips from WeekendNotes readers.

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