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Top Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

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by Rania H (subscribe)
Rania Hussein
Published February 10th 2013
Wikimedia Commons
Don't wait all night for Mr. Sandman to show up by your bed and dust your eyes to sleep. You can bring yourself a nice and easy dream without tossing and turning nor paying late night visits to the bathroom.

Sleeping is the most important non-action body and mind routine, the only action you do is closing your eyes where your mind orbs to another level. It doesn't only affect your attentiveness the next day, but also, your whole mood, your intake of food, your skin colour and your reflex actions too. One poor night's sleep can distress your everyday sleep cycle, that's why sleeping has its own rituals and ambience;

Fight the bed hypnosis scheme: with the pillow calling your head, the comforter wrapping your body and you're half asleep. Fight this and don't give in for more snooze even if you've had a late night crash and try getting up at the same time every day. Oversleeping will make you very cranky with yellowish skin, no appetite for brunch, constant headache and half opened eye lids. Believe me, neither shower nor coffee would alter this.

Early bird: make waking up early in the mornings a habit. If you get up late in the afternoons, you will spend the rest of the day feeling like something is missing and that the sun hasn't shined on your happy land. You'll feel energised by midnight, so you will literally start your day when everybody else is sleeping and the big sleep goes on.

Get-up tune: set up your alarm clock to a morning tune, a song or even the radio, something that your ears will love to hear and this will get you up, I guess.

Bed warm-up: you can do some bed stretches, bicycle legs, hand waving to stimulate blood in your veins thus urging you to get up.

Rise and shine: light helps tweaking your body's daytime clock; it's also a positive mood enhancer. So when you get up, open the curtains to let the sunlight in or go outside in the balcony and walk around in the sun and fresh air. You'll experience a happy rush circulating your body; you'll thank me for it, unless it's cloudy and windy.

sleepy cat
Wikimedia Commons
To nap or not to nap: Don't take naps after a poor sleeping night, again you will pull an all-nighter and disturb your sleeping cycles. And don't take long naps; it will keep you half awake, half sleepy till dawn along with an excruciating headache. A 30 minute nap once a day is harmless and does the trick of recharging your brains.

Don't give in for after-lunch drowsiness; try to engage yourself in something else like washing dishes, playing with your kid or even changing the kitchen bulbs just to keep you alert. If you've been studying for a long time, or watching TV; get up every 30 minutes and walk your legs to the kitchen and make a club sandwich or a fresh orange juice, or you can do a simple stretch that cats always do to keep them up and about.

Your body says it's bed time, and your mind says not yet while your heart is leaning somewhere else. To get your heart, body and mind voting for Mr. Sleepy Sleeperson here, you should know that there are ways to win them over;

Bedtime humdrum: got to bed around the same time everyday even on weekends to restore your baby sleep nights.

Gadget-free time: by 11 pm, give your mind and your senses a shutdown of all household electronics; computers, cellphones and TV, of course if you're going to use the's okay. These gadgets motivate the brain to stay up longer and it can also stimulate nightmares, late night get-ups and sleep talking.

Break-up with Caffeine and dairy: avoid anything caffeinated or chocolaty after 7pm. And I mean it. Also avoid anything yoghurt or cheese like; it's the worst; your tummy won't know what has hit it.

Tummy timeout: try to have your last snack two hours before sleep especially the sugary, low protein ones and eating juicy fruits; you won't imagine how many times you get to go to the bathroom at night, especially if it was winter as you will have to leave the warm bed every two hours!

Sleeping boosters: take a long warm bath before bed, drink a glass of warm milk, hot mint, eat a whole wheat bread or you can try counting from 1 to billion, this will get you to doze off before you reach 80.

Set the ambience: the bedroom is not a place for anything else but to sleep, so no TV, no funny Youtube videos, no computer games, no magazines and of course, no late night talk shows in bed. Turn off the lights and I mean all distracting flickry lights like; laptop winky green bulb, blackberry red spot blink, iPhone gmail update, phone rechargers or even the neon glow alarm clock - just cover it.

Check if the temperature is moderate and cool enough to sleep in and in winter always wear extra tights - cold legs will cause sleep deprivation. Choose your sleeping background soundtrack, some people love silence, others sleep by humming lullabies or listening to classical music, while some prefer white noise or the sound of the washing machine.

Sleepless in bed: if after all this you're still up, don't go nuts, just wait 20 minutes and get out of bed; read a book, write a to do list or sit in a chair, but don't eat, smoke nor drink.

Your sleeping postures can affect your sleep and your health as well, it can also reveal so much about your persona;

Sleeping beauty position: sleeping on your back with your arms near your head or just alongside your body is perfect for your spine and your breathing as well as fewer face wrinkles…woohooo!

It can reveal that you're helpful, a good listener, reserved, loyal to your friends, over-sensitive and love your family.

Fetus position: whether your arms are stretched out, you're curled up like a baby, or you're just lying straight like a log, it's healthier to sleep on the left side, 'cause it helps get you to sleep faster and ease heartburn. But either side can result in arm numbness and strained neck and shoulder muscles.
It can tell us that you're open-minded, stubborn, sociable, mistaken for being shy as a first impression, suspicious, dreamy and ambitious.

Skydiving position: the only good thing that stomach sleeping can do is reducing snore, but that's about it. It's considered the worst sleeping position; it's an insomniac booster and breathing hazard, you'll also wake up with a back pain, and strained neck.

It can unveil that you're outgoing, cares about what people think, hasty, bossy and a bit less confident.

everyone is asleep
Wikimedia Commons
Always remember to clear your head before bed for faster snooze and a good sleep is from eight to ten hours a day. And I have to wrap this up, 'cause I need to sleep and it's really getting late, I haven't had my warm milk yet.

Good night and sleep tight everyone.
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Why? Be your own sandman and put yourself to sleep
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so useful ,good luck
by roush (score: 1|13) 2732 days ago
To promote sleep, make sure you get sunlight in your eyes in the morning to promote Melatonin which acts like anaesthetic at night to put you to sleep. Sleep in a dark room. Wake in light. Works every time. And avoid sunglasses and you will sleep better.
by Alise (score: 1|28) 2731 days ago
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