Uptown Manhattan

Uptown Manhattan


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The best way to see Manhattan in a few days is to split the city into three sections- Downtown , Midtown and Uptown.

Whilst Midtown Manhattan has the most tourist attractions and in general a lot more things to see and do that the other two, is home to the world famous Central Park and the museums.

Central Park covers a huge rectangular area of land in the middle of the concrete jungle that is Manhattan, hence it is unique. However, it is nothing like any other park you've ever seen. There is so much activity and things to do in Central Park that it alone can take a few days!

Hiring a bicycle is a fantastic way to see the park in your own time (costs about 10-15 dollars to hire)- because it can take hours and hours to walk through - but there are also tours of Central Park available for tourists. The Park is dotted with beautiful ponds where you can participate in boating/ rowing, watch and play with the ducks and turtles and take fantastic photographs. You will also spot groups of people engaging in various classes such as dancing, meditation etc. around the park, which is partly why it is so fantastic - it is free, open to everyone and people tend to make the most of the space and scenery by meeting in their interest groups and hobbies.

We took a stroll around the park and on the south side entrance you will find horse and carriage rides also available for about $50, which are a very romantic and also a unique way to enjoy the park for a change. Other things we encountered inside were a castle or two, a roller blade party with pumping music and drums and people dancing on roller blades in an enclosed space, people playing soccer, volleyball etc. as well as many vendors selling drinks and ice cream. Street vendors outside the park and in other tourist locations also sell pictures, photos and other collectable souvenir items.

Toward the northeast exit/entrance of Central Park, is the Natural History Museum decorated with a giant dinosaur skeleton at the front lobby. Again you could spend hours learning and soaking in the information on various cultures from Africa to Asia to South America and even space and geography.. There is an IMAX theatre in there which runs shows every day included as part of your ticket.

The Museum of Modern Art is also located in ; I believe around 62nd street. And the Metropolitan Museum of Art is closer to midtown, but again a walking distance from Central Park. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was also fascinating, with monuments, collections and artwork from a range of historic periods from all over the world, and again we spent several hours in there - it is totally worth it! There are also cafes inside with decent food, and also a restaurant for more finer tastes.

is also home to Lincoln Center/Square on 66th street and Colombus Circle, well known for its shopping malls, theatres, cinemas etc. It depends what you are interested in and what you wish to do anything from the American ballet, to watching a movie to spend hours shopping!

That is one of the great things about Manhattan - there is something for everyone and you'll never get bored! I absolutely loved it and would definitely go back..

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