Midtown Manhattan: Part 1

Midtown Manhattan: Part 1


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Welcome back.. Following on from my first article on Downtown Manhattan, the second section of our trip was around the midtown area, which is where most of the world famous tourist attractions are...

If you walk up to midtown around about 42nd street, the week we were in Manhattan, there was a 'Broadway Bites' food festival on, outside Macy's, with a variety of bite sized flavoursome fusion foods to try. I happened to try a little bit of something over the next few days - it was lovely.

Walking along Broadway Bites was a couple of blocks which leads you up to Bryant Park, opposite the Bank of America building. This was one of my favourite little hang out spots in Manhattan- it's a quaint square shaped grassy are surrounded by eateries and buzzing with activity, especially at lunch times for all those office workers - mind you the queues at this time are very very long. There were also free open air movie screenings at Bryant Park on certain days of the week so look out for these.

Mid town is home to Ground 0- yes,where the Twin Towers used to stand, which now holds two large water features below ground. There is a museum which has recently opened where you can visit and learn more about the tragic events that took place on September 11. There is also the Freedom Tower which stands gloriously nearby, which has been built afterwards. Generally, you must maintain quietude in this area..

After about half an hour or so, we moved on to the Rockefeller Centre and Radio City; again very interesting complex of buildings with the history of Rockefeller and how he contributed to the American economy at a time of global financial crisis. We went up to the 'top of the rock', where you can take photos of the fantastic views of the New York skyscape. There is also the golden Zeus and other monuments, and during Christmas, a gigantic Christmas tree that everybody comes to view..

Then of course, there is the Empire State Building which you can't miss- as you approach near its vicinity you will be bombarded by people trying to sell you tickets to the top, which of course you must visit. I think the highest floor we went to was the 65th floor and the 360 degree views are again amazing; you really get a great feel for the geography of the city from that height in all directions. Also a great place to take pictures, and if you have special/ additional tickets, you could even go to the highest floor!

There's just not enough room to cover it all in the one article so please see Midtown Manhattan Part 2 for more!

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