Top Things to do in Winter

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Posted 2014-06-23 by Hannah follow
As Dean Martin once romantically sang, "Baby, It's Cold Outside".

When it's sunny at 9pm, we tend to feel like we're not allowed to sit in and relax. Who is making these rules? Now is not the time to try and answer, because it's Winter!

I love this time of year. Crisp morning air, ice cold clear skies and it's chilly enough to layer up with warm coats, gloves and wooly hats!

But as it's getting darker and time is running out to do productive things in daylight hours; here are some home comfort, treat ideas to fill the gloomy nights.

1) First things first. Clean house, clean mind. There is nothing more therapeutic than clearing out 'that' cupboard full of bits and bobs and things to use later... I have one staring at me now. It is filled with an array of items, from beauty products to wallpaper samples. I just never have the time. Now with the days feeling shorter and the night sky beginning at 5pm, I have no excuse but to use an evening making a start. Who knows what forgotten gems are in there!

2) Discover you inner chef! If there is ever a time to eat delicious food with a twist of naughtiness, it's Winter. Chunky soups, traditional roast dinners, or even an extravagant hot chocolate pudding with custard. This is the time of year when you have the excuse to dig out some hearty recipes and get making. If you love the dish, perfect it by making it till Springtime comes.

3) Pamper day. I know it's hard juggling the every day chores of work, families, cooking and cleaning, while still looking beautiful. But in the winter you can indulge in a 'lazy Sunday'. Catch up with some friends and try some new face masks, nail techniques, or even hair dye. All this with a glass of wine or some chocolate and you're still saving money by doing it yourself!

4) Spend some time with your better half. Take the time to just stop for an evening and enjoy a laid back night with your partner. Everyone is so busy doing their to do lists of daily tasks that we sometimes forget the reason we want to be alive- being happy with our partners/children/dogs/family. So use this time to get cosy with someone you love; put on a film, grab some biscuits and have a cup of tea. A night of snuggling can bring you back to life and rejuvenate you.

5)This last one's easy. Read a book. Most people have at least one book on their bucket list to read, and even more people own one that is sat somewhere in their house waiting for us to find the spare time to read it. Surely, this is the best time of year to do it. So get comfy on your favourite chair (or even get in to bed early) close the curtains, and immerse yourself in a make believe world.

Which one do you think you will start with?

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