Top 10 Fun Ways to Get Naked in Public

Top 10 Fun Ways to Get Naked in Public


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We've all had thoughts about being naked in public, even if it's only in that dream where you find yourself stark naked surrounded by fully clothed people. But many people do it every day - read on and find out how you can too.

1. Streak at a major sports event

An Aussie accountant has been credited as doing the world's first
public streak in 1974 at Twickenham, UK. (Some might think that an accountant will do anything to get some excitement). But since then the practice has grown greatly in popularity, and broadcast networks agonise over whether to broadcast them and gain huge ratings but lose media rights from angry sports clubs.

Whatever the reasons people do it, there is something very funny about the sight of a horde of police and match officials chasing a naked person around a sports ground. It's somehow reminiscent of those mad chases Benny Hill had at the end of his shows.

2. Go to a nudist beach
South Australia takes the cake for having Australia's first legal nudist beach at Maslin Beach in 1975 but they are everywhere now. In some cases not so much by law as by custom, but hey who cares.

Maslin is a beautiful section of coastline with crystal clear waters but is one of the few places in the world where you should be just as cautious about White Pointers out of the water as in it.

If it's too far for you to go, there's always the movie to see.

3, Participate in a nude photo shoot
Mass nude photo shoots are almost becoming a bit of a yawn these days - after all who wants to stare at thousands of bare bums crouched in a square. But there are some interesting variations, such as the World Naked Bike Ride held in some 20 countries around the world. Just make sure your saddle is comfortable and secure.

4. Start a charity.
"Huh" you say?
Well in 2012 Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children and the man behind the Kony 2012 campaign was found being naked and naughty in public. He was later said to be suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition.

You may not be able to start a charity, but use your imagination - you may be able to come up with a better idea.

5. Join a nudist club
These days private nudist clubs are everywhere. For a small joining fee you can flaunt your pointy bits from breakfast to bedtime and everywhere in between. Many sports activities are catered for, although I do rather shrink from the thought of playing any involving high speed balls.

6. Naked tanning salon
I'm not sure how common these are in Australia, but these days most people are sufficiently sun smart that their pink bits remain that way. For those who don't, there is of course this

7. Lover's Lane
Of course every city in Australia has one (or many) of these.

You head off to a quiet secluded spot somewhere, park the car, and the next thing the boy does is a big yawn with his arms in the air finally coming to rest around his partner. But gone are the days when it was just the two main contestants involved - now it's a spectator sport known as Dogging .

8. Skinny dipping
The term "skinny dipping" has been around since the 1950's, although the pastime has been around forever. Just think of all those ancient Greeks and Romans depicted on vases and the like.

Skinny dipping is best as a spontaneous activity in the warmer months, but don't let that put you off. Just remember that one thing leads to another, so play safe.

9. Become a Life Model
Now this seems a surprisingly popular activity. I'd barely typed the word "life" before Google started spewing out results, and it looks like there are about 36 million possibilities. Plenty of opportunities are out there if you like to bare all.

Age and sex are no bar, and if you're too shy to do it then maybe consider learning to paint.

10. Nude saunas and spas
Plenty of private health clubs offer a regular night when you can get your kit off with like minded individuals. Just be aware of the safety risks, particularly in places like the sauna hot room or from vigorous high pressure jets in spas.

Have I missed somewhere? Do you have a favourite place? Let me know in the comments if you have something to add.

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