Top Spring Events in Far North Queensland

Top Spring Events in Far North Queensland


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The arrival of Spring is heralded by the Spring Equinox which is around the 20th-23rd of September in Australia. By the equinox, the short days of winter have started to lengthen into the warm days of Spring. Most of us up here on the Tablelands get to enjoy warmer days, without it being hot and stuffy like these of you down the hill in Cairns.

There is no better place to be than the Atherton Tablelands to welcome in the season of new growth. Locals know to wait until later Spring before kicking it up with their springtime celebrations
as the evenings also become warmer even at the Tablelands cool altitude. Ok, I may be a bit biased there as I'm a Tablelands local.

Cairns locals don't need to wait though given the tropic heat of living on the coast so they are the first ones to welcome in the season with the Cairns Festival which comes in 2017 over a few days starting from the 25th August and running to the 3rd of September. It is worth going down the hill for despite all the crowds (and heat).[BREAK]

After the fun in Cairns is over, there's some serious business with the infamous Croc Trophy and Bike Fest which is purported to be the worlds biggest and oldest mountain bike stage race. The Croc Trophy in particular is bad (insert the proverbial donkey), covering approx 1200km of hardcore mountain bike adventure from rainforest to outback to beach. You've got to be a bike enthusiast to appreciate it though, so most of you reading this would probably prefer eating to pedalling your butt off in the sweltering tropics (Yes, even in springtime, it is H.O.T.!).[BREAK]
This brings me to food. Oh yes. Delicious, mouth watering tropical fruits. There is a festival for just that called Tastes of the Tablelands where you can sample all our fresh spring produce and gourmet foods made from said produce. We'll even throw in some live music entertainment too while we're at it. Come visit on the 15th of October 2017 to Atherton. The Tastes of the Tablelands festival is held at the Chinese Temple grounds on Herberton Road (next to the famous Platypus Park where you'll definitely see ducks and chickens loitering by the pond). [BREAK]
Not to be outdone, Yungaburra, a picturesque small village near Atherton hosts the Tablelands Folk Festival on the 27-29 October 2017. There is quite the showcase of local talent as well as national and international performers at the festival. Come for dancing, a variety of great music, workshops, comedy and poetry, street performers, a Festival Parade that goes through Yungaburra, and various craft and market stalls (read good food!). For those of you who like your booze, there's also a Home Brew competition and I suppose the Health and Wellness Fair held at the same time will help with any hangovers. Get in early with early bird tickets $90 a weekend if you can. Tickets do sell out quickly to the Festival, so don't miss your chance!

Springtime is here, make the most of it and do the Tablelands Market tour - there's a market every weekend somewhere in the Tablelands!

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