Top Three Shops in Paddington

Top Three Shops in Paddington


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I love Paddington with its long stretch of cafes, clothes and home wares shops. It can be a bit overwhelming as it is such a large stretch and there is often quite a turnover of shops so its important to get in early and support the ones you love.
Here are the three top shops in Paddington that never disappoint.

1. DogStar Fashion
Tired of shopping for clothes but never finding anything that suits you? Or of never finding anything interesting or unusual.

Then you might want to visit Dogstar. Named after Sirius, the dogstar, the brightest star in the night sky Dogstar fashion has been creating clothes since 1998. Led by fashion designer Masayo Yasuki and her talented team, dogstar clothes are interesting, stylish, flexible, affordable and well suited to the Brisbane climate. I have worn Dogstar clothes to work, to weddings, to school pick up and so on throughout the year. The clothes suit most body shapes and ages. There are several ranges such as Laika, Papershadow and Dogstar each with a slightly different focus, some more playful than others.

It is hard to do justice to the clothes in words only so here are some pictures to give you an idea of Dogstar style.

Dogstar have two retail outlets, one at Paddington and one at Wolloongabba as well as an online store . It is well worth joining their mailing list and Facebook page to learn of sales and specials, but if you visit a retail store you also get the benefit of styling advice from the Dogstar staff. Most items can be worn in several ways and it is useful to know this straightaway rather than discovering it by accident. Dogstar also sells belts and other accessories which make great gifts.

2. Biome Eco Store. Here you can buy Christmas and other gifts, Free trade Chocolate, environmentally friendly cleaning products, and beauty products, reusable kids lunchboxes, organic bed linen and jewellery. I have bought lunchboxes, Christmas presents, chocolate, cleaning products, hair spray and always come away pleased that I am supporting the environment and a local business. More information here

3. Presents of Mind. This is my go to shop for presents at any time of the year. It cater for babies, children and teenagers of all ages right through to adults. With a focus on fun, educational, science and creative presents I have never left the shop empty handed. The staff have a great knowledge of their products and can provide helpful suggestions to meet your needs.

There is always something quirky here. This year I bought a zombie card game for a seven year old, a sushi card game for a nine year old, a shopping memory game for a three year old as well a colouring book for grown ups and a smart phone projector. They have plenty of stocking stuffers such as the Mr Tea tea diffuser, The Karoto carrot peeler and the ultra thin pen book mark. For more information see here

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