Top Scenic Road Trips in the US

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Posted 2013-10-26 by Mihaela Schwartzfollow
If there is one type of US holidays that will never become outdated, this certainly is the road trip. Piling the family in the car, yes, even the dog and hitting the summer trail remains one of the best pastimes ever for modern families. That is how young and less young members of a family spend quality time together, bonding and doing all sorts of interesting things. Thankfully, there are miles of paved wonderful roads that pass through wonderful and scenic settings. Here, we shall look at a few scenic road trips in the US.

Highway 395 – Through Five states

This will be one of the best US holidays that you have ever taken. Highway 395 stretches for all of 1300 miles of the road, from southern California to the Canadian border, passing through five states (California, Nevada, Washington, Nevada and Oregon) that have lots to offer when it comes to natural scenery. The good thing is that this road trip will take you through some of the sparsely populated areas in the US. This road holiday in the US will bring to mind images of the Wild West, especially when you pass through Owen Valley in California that is between two majestic mountain passes. You can make your stop at Lone Pine. This is where almost, if not all, western films are shot. Did you know that you will cross the Columbia River three times? Death Valley National Park is also one of the must-stop places. Highway 395 is and will for a long time remain among the most taken American road trips.

Highway A1A Florida State – Over water!

A1A Highway constitutes a perfect choice for good American road trips getaways. It stretches for 600 miles and one of the stops that you do not want to miss and take pictures of is the town of St Augustine - the oldest town in the USA! You can also drive though the Daytona Beach, maybe stop for a dive or a frolic on the warm sand. Other must-catch spots on the way include the John F Kennedy Space Center and the Canaveral National Seashore. In Miami, the A1A Highway will meet with the Highway 1 and there, you will start on an epic journey over the sea, with mile after mile of the road connected by 42 bridges.

Nez Perce Trail in Idaho and Montana – On pursuit of history

There is history behind this road trip and you can consider it one of the US holidays during which you pay tribute to the national heroes. Be warned, the speed limit when driving on this road, owned by the Forest Service, is 15 miles per hour! There are majestic mountain ranges and sheer escarpments, a narrow road and you may even have to back up and look for a wider space if you meet a car driving in the opposite direction. This road is part of the famous Nez Perce trail that showcases some of the bitterest sides of American history when some 750 members of the Nez Perce tribe hit the trail only to surrender to the US Army when they were so close to realizing their dream and escape to Canada. This will make one of the most memorable American road trips.

The Million Dollar Highway – Unexpected S-Curves

Now, here lies one highway that befits from its name very well. The Million Dollar Highway will make one of the most striking US holidays on wheels. The scenery around and in Delores Valley will be breathtaking this summer as it usually is, all the time. Then there is the Andrews Lake that looks so blue and so inviting. For once, here is a highway for holidays in the US that looks just like its pictures in the brochures. Be ready for S-Curves and mountain passes scaling heights of 11,000 feet and without guardrails. Do not panic! Mind the speed limit and be extra careful. They go on only for 25 miles of the most breathtaking American road trip.

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