Top Places to Party for Free in Sydney

Top Places to Party for Free in Sydney


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Sick and tired of being slapped with a cover charge only to find that inside the venue is no better than a crack den dressed up like a club, with 'beats' that make the ears bleed and company that makes your soul cry?

The easiest solution - Take the cost out of the equation. The club or bar may still hold all of the above qualities, but at least you don't pay for what you can get for free.

The Gallery at Oxford Art Factory (38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst)

Follow the inside wall all the way down to the Gallery bar side of OAF. Unless there is a special event the Gallery bar is free.

Most nights there is live music early on with their residency band playing. As the night progresses so does the crowd and the DJ starts.

Playing a selection of indie pop, oldies, hip hop - basically tunes that gets the crowd jovial. The patrons are a mix bag, depending on what band is playing in the main room, it can range from your local regulars to dub-step, hip hop, metal, trance, indie, folk anything goes really.

There is a photo booth and a glass caged performance space which are occupied by live theatre performers intriguing their glassy eyed audience.

The Golden Sheaf (429 New South Head Rd, Double Bay)

More popularly known as the Sheaf, this venue has something for almost everyone, four bars and a killer beer garden. Although the bars probably won't all be open to the public you can usually find a bar that is.

The Sheaf draws in an Eastern Suburbs clientèle, consisting of beautiful women and dashing gentleman. Don't let this deter you though the absolute vastness of this establishment will have you dancing and feeling like a socialite in no time, if not there are plenty of dark corners or pot plants to hide in.

Your House

Bring back the good old house party and instead of an expensive night dealing with intoxicated swine, you get a cheap night dealing with friendly intoxicated swine, excluding any house related mishaps.

The house party allows for complete party control; control of music, food, drink, security and fun. Pass out where you sit and let others worry about the fuss of transport cause your already home.

This doesn't mean you should throw a raging box social, small gatherings work just as effectively.

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